Interview - The Mik Maks

Interview - The Mik Maks


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Sat 11 May 2019

There's no adventure like a Mik Mak musical adventure and with brothers Al, Joel and Drums the Panda, you can be rest assured that you'll be in for quality time of play, fun, and music to get your dancing shoes on, as you learn valuable basic concepts along the way with their show The Mik Maks PLAY!

In anticipation of their show, I was fortunate to score an e-interview with the brothers about their show - have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourselves?
%%The Mik Maks are a band of brothers that bring the ROCK to kids music. Born and bred on farming land in Victoria's West The Mik Maks performed over 200 shows all across the country in 2018. Many of their songs are inspired from their experiences growing up and working their sheep and cropping farm.
The Mik Maks were recently judged "Best Kids Live Show" at the What's On 4 Kids Awards Australia. To put it simply, kids go nuts for their music and Youtube content.%%

Tema: Who are the key people involved with The Mik Maks?
%%Joel is the eldest of the Mik Mak brothers and frontman of the band. Joel's 15 years experience in education and performing comes to the fore in every Mik Mak show. He knows what kids want and is the expert in engaging young audiences.
Al is youngest Mik Mak and musical director of the group. Regarded as one of the best musicians in children's entertainment, Al's vocals are the highlight of any show. He is the voice of The Mik Maks.
Drums the Panda's drum solo must be seen to be believed. Not only is Drums super talented, he's incredibly cute and very cheeky.%%

Tema: How did you decide on creating this show and taking it from a concept to a reality?
The PLAY show was born and created from the lyrics of our original songs. We've almost created the show in reverse. The songs came first and the show followed. Playing and using your imagination is the stem of many songs in the show. We love to see children exercise their imaginations while enjoying highly engaging live music.

Tema: Why do you do what you do (and something that you do so brilliantly!)?
%%Performing for young families is the most rewarding profession in the universe and we couldn't ever imagine doing anything else. Just for that small space in time where children are expressing their excitement and joy to engage with us is an incredible feeling. Every day we get to creatively develop new material and continue our search for how to better connect with our young audience.
All having young families ourselves we love to immerse our own children in the entertainment experience and show them that anything is possible should you desire it enough.%%

Tema: Who would you say is your target audience for the show?
Our target audience is children aged 2-8 years. However, there's something for the young and young at heart at a Mik Maks show.

Tema: What is the basic premise of your show (without giving too much away)?
Stuck inside on a rainy day, The Mik Maks decide to explore Grandpa's giant magical toy box. What amazing adventures await inside the mysterious box? Be taken on a musical adventure as the brothers share their brand new songs with their young audiences. Keep an eye out for some very special guests. You never know what could pop out of the giant box for a play, song and dance!

Tema: What can your audience expect from attending your show?
The Mik Maks PLAY is 50 minutes of incredible musical entertainment and perfect for children aged 2-8 years. You'll experience a unique live sound for children's entertainment. The Mik Maks break the mould of children's music. If you love live music, you'll love The Mik Maks.

Tema: What are you hoping for your audience to experience from attending your show?
Our young audience will discover a new sound for children's entertainment. They'll engage with lyrics and songs that are easily relatable for both child and parent. It is our greatest wish that both adult and child dance and sing together and enjoy an experience that they'll never forget.

Tema: What made you want to be involved with Something on Saturday?
Performing in one of the best venues in the country for the young families of Adelaide! it's a no brainer! The Mik Maks love nothing more than sharing our music with new audiences. Something for Saturday is the perfect way for us to do this and we are very grateful to The Adelaide Festival Centre for hosting us.

Tema: What has the journey been like, to be a family-based (and family-oriented) show and starting up what has become such a popular source of kids' entertainment?
Great question! We love what we do and starting, developing and growing The Mik Maks has been the experience of a lifetime. Like many small family businesses, we've faced and overcome enormous challenges. Without the loyal support of our dedicated fanbase, I'm not sure where The Mik Maks would be. Our fans inspire us and drive us to keep on creating and improving our show and online content.

Tema: Where do you make regular appearances - festivals / events / TV channels, etc?
The Mik Maks perform regularly at many major festivals and event around the country. We recently performed at the MCG before the Geelong VS Essendon match and are regulars at the iconic Port Fairy Folk Festival. Recently, The Mik Maks YouTube channel hit a whopping 90,000,000 views and has taken the band to a worldwide audience. Our channel subscribers are nearing 200,000.

The Mik Maks PLAY will be performing at the Space Theatre in the Adelaide Festival Centre on May 11, 2019 at 11am and 1pm. Tix are $15 and can be purchased here .

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