The Maze Runner - Film Review

The Maze Runner - Film Review


Posted 2014-09-22 by Jenfollow

Thomas is hurtling through to another life, though he does not know this yet. Sitting in a cage as it moves through the darkness at an alarming speed, he can't remember anything. How did he get there? Where was he going? Fear grips him and it's written all over his face. We travel this journey with him, just as anxious, wondering what's next, and where to? Such is the vulnerability of expression by actor Dylan O'Bryan; we are gripped by his every emotion

He's the latest male to arrive in the Glades, a Greenie. There he finds a group of boys who have learnt to live trapped in an enclosed space by following a set of rules, thus bringing order to their lives. They each have jobs to keep life flowing smoothly. Across from the Glades lies an enormous stone maze that shifts and changes its pattern each night as it closes. When it opens each morning, the 'Runners' job is to run through the maze every day to map it out, note the pattern and to see if they can find an opening that will hopefully take them home. Regular bone chilling noises come out of the maze. The boys have called these unseen creatures the Grievers and they know only too well that those who don't make it out of the maze in time each night, do not survive.

It's been three years since the first boy landed and over time, some have given up and are content to call the Glades home. They have not progressed very far or got closer to working out how to get out of there. Thomas is not like the others. He is a curious person. One day a girl arrives, the first one, and she immediately recognises Thomas and calls him by name. Beyond that there is no other memory, however they discover that they remember more than the others.

This film certainly had me engaged from start to finish. The young actors play their roles with maturity beyond their experience. Thomas' face expresses every single nuance so well, and actor Will Poulter does a stellar job of playing the tough one in the group. You hurtle through the movie at the same speed as the actors and are oblivious as to what comes next, just like them. You're curious when they're curious, you're looking for answers when they're looking for answers. There seems to be more questions than answers right to the very end.

This is definitely a teen or 'tween movie, but it has the power to engage and keep you hanging in abated breath for every piece of information you may be fed. I give it the thumbs up and can't wait for a sequel if the intention is there. This movie is about a 7 out of 10 for me. Be entertained and ponder the future as you watch this film, while filling the present with more questions than there are answers.

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