The Man from Snowy River In Concert - Review

The Man from Snowy River In Concert - Review


Posted 2023-08-17 by Jenfollow

Fri 18 Aug 2023 - Sat 19 Aug 2023

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The Man from Snowy River in Concert is an event no one should miss. Especially if you love an amazing musical performance, nostalgia tugging at your heartstrings, and the lead actors live on stage 41 years after the film was released in 1982. Get your tickets here to the last three performances on Fri 18 Aug 2023 at 7.30pm, Sat 19 Aug at 3pm and 8pm at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Southbank - an easy 2 min walk from Flinders Station. Presented by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra this world premiere is in celebration of the enduring legacy of Director George Miller’s iconic film.

This live-to-screen performance from the MSO, conducted by Vanessa Scammell, showcases the film's APRA and AFI award-winning score by legendary composer Bruce Rowland. For the first time since its release in 1982, this powerful score is played alongside the nostalgic visuals of this iconic film and the endearing story that has captured the hearts of generations. Seeing Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson on stage was just the icing on the cake and the cherry on top. They are first on stage as they share behind-the-scenes stories and personal experiences.

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Speaking in tandem, Sigrid and Tom regaled us with an account of their experiences during the making of the film, attributing American actor Kirk Douglas with taking this film to the next level and paying kudos to legendary Director George Miller who recently passed in February this year. Tom mentions it was Kirk who suggested there be two brothers in the film, and that he of course plays both brothers. When actors tell their stories, audiences just lap it up, hearing it directly from the horse's mouth. It was engaging, interesting, charming and amazing. Twenty minutes later, the actors leave and the orchestra comes on, with conductor Vanessa Scammell, gorgeously attired, at the helm - waving her conductor's wand and creating magic. The music was exquisite; there really is nothing like listening to the movie score live while the film played on the screen. There's not much more to say other than everything was perfect, the sound was wonderful, music all consuming - everything making your heart swell with joy. Such an absolutely great night, everyone left Hamer Hall, including me, buzzing with the excitement of an unexpectedly good time. Sure, you knew the orchestra was going to be great, that it was going to be amazing seeing the actors on stage; then to finally experience it all - was almost too much to bear. It filled every corner of your heart and soul.

A true testament to how moving the whole evening was - I took my neighbour as my plus one. A fairly new migrant who knew nothing of the film, the actors, or much about the Australian entertainment industry - by the end of the night, he could not stop talking about what a great time he had, that he shed a few tears during the film, and that he didn't even know he'd love orchestra music - and vowed to chase down Man from Snowy River Two, to watch it. He's already planning a Snowy movie night, wine, and watching it with me. Hah! At the end, Sigrid and Tom come back on stage, as they stand by the entry, clapping as each celebrity walked through - in person, in the following order, starting with Executive Producer Simon Wincer, Producer Geoff Burrowes (with whom I got a cheeky selfie with by the elevator), and as announced, the man of the moment, composer Bruce Rowland. All that talent on stage, an unforgettable night, my heart is full. Honestly, you really need to be there to not miss out on soaking up an amazing night of nights.


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