The Magical Weedy Seadragon

The Magical Weedy Seadragon


Posted 2023-10-15 by Sarah Corkfollow

Sat 21 Oct 2023 - Sun 22 Oct 2023

Meet the magical creature!

There is a magical seadragon waiting for you to come and visit! What's more is, this is a musical meeting so there are loads of wonderful moments for you and your children. This is a wonderful meeting for children, but adults are allowed to take part too. Magic is not just for children. It's for everyone who wants to have some magic in their lives. If that is something you want to take part in, then head to the Magical Weedy Seadragon event in Mandurah!

This is an adventure that children of all ages would love. They will have the opportunity to see the transformation of a young child from ocean to shore, teaching them to be kind and good. When the child does find the special seadragon washed up and needing help, they take them home. And then magically, they become a fish! The child will face currents, an aquatic talent quest and even other sea creatures that are different from the child! At the end of this, the child must learn to be kind to everyone!

This is a musical, and there will be different performers and even puppets! There will be music and bright costumes to keep the children entertained! They will be taken to the magical world and lose themselves in the story. They will learn that they have to be kind to the people around them, even if they are different from them. It is a wonderful lesson, hidden within an incredible performance full of magic and wonder.

If your child loves magic, puppets and sea animals, they will love this show. And if they do, then they will want to head to the Mandurah Offshore Sailing and Fishing Club on either Saturday, 21 October 2023 or. Sunday, 22 October 2023. The performance takes place between 11am to 12pm or 1:30pm to 2:30pm. Tickets are fairly cheap, for kids under the age of 16, it is only $11.69 and for adults, it's $22.09. Make sure to book in quickly. These are booking out quickly, and it will be a huge hit with children. And they might learn something as well. They will come out of here as a more well-rounded individual!

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