The Highland Trading Co

The Highland Trading Co


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The Highland Trading Co.

From a unique beginning of being born in a Teepee on Tamborine Mountain, Nathan Mahoney has followed in his mother’s footsteps by owning and expanding her business “The Highland Trading Co.” Originally the business was situated in the Highlands but was moved to the quaint and vibrant country town of Esk in the Somerset Region in South-West Queensland.

The Highland Trading Co, Esk

On visiting Esk many times I came across Highland Trading Co. when initially looking for a long skirt to wear to an informal beach wedding and was surprised by the amount of clothing in carefree and Hippy styles including pants, summer shifts, skirts, blouses, coats, caps and T-Shirts that Nathan and his wife Justine, stock in their shop. Changing rooms provides the customer the ability to try items on to ascertain the correct sizing before purchase.

Many Crystal items to purchase

Clothing is not the only merchandise Nathan and Justine stock as the store is packed from the floorboards to the ceiling and around the walls with prints, wooden carvings, figurines, feathers, books, crystals, incense, macrame, jewellery, and gift lines as well as ritual artifacts and clothing. One could easily spend hours there looking for items to purchase.

A variety of different styles of clothing

After chatting with Nathan, I realised that he had a passion for creating unique, one-of-a-kind objects from natural resources that he located around the Esk area. These resources included tree trunks, petrified wood, and sticks and with that in mind, I asked him if he could make me a Staff with a crystal in the top. I had the crystal and we discussed options of what I would like as it was to be given to my nephew as a gift.

One-of-a-kind created by Nathan

On the day I visited to collect my Staff, Nathan had an enormous piece of petrified wood that he had stained and adorned with crystals and light bulbs. He turned off the lights to show me the effect of his masterpiece and when displayed in subdued lighting it was truly magnificent. If you have something you would like created, please discuss your thoughts with Nathan as I have no doubt, he can create a special piece for you and your environment.

Jewellery and more

The Highland Trading Co also stocks items from local artisans, all handmade and created with the utmost creativity and high-quality workmanship. One item that I was very intrigued with was a Crown of Thorns Crown made from metal sourced from a burned-down church in the north of England and quenched in Holy Water. This is an item that you would rarely find in Brisbane, yet happily waiting in Esk for the right buyer.

Crown of Thorns, only purchased at The Highland Trading Co, Esk

Another item that drew my attention was an American Indian headdress with brightly colored feathers. Even if just for a fancy-themed dress party, it made a statement and would capture an awe effect in any home.

Truly magnificent

These are just some of the rare and special items, which in a class of their own are readily available at this impressive business.

The Highland Trading Co. opens on Monday, Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. They are closed on Tuesday. Why not take the short drive to Esk and check out this interesting store at 223b Ipswich Street, Esk. While there, buy a coffee as Nathan comments that they have the best coffee in the Valley.

For more information, please ring Nathan or Justine on 0413 615 030.
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