The Flower Shed, Thornlands

The Flower Shed, Thornlands


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'It's an ill wind that blows no good' is one of my favourite sayings and it proved to be correct for us recently. The ill wind blew in when we found out my 93 year old mother-in-law had been taken to hospital (so no mother-in-law jokes). My darling wife was in a flap to get to the hospital and, because she is a lovely daughter as well as a fantastic wife, she wanted to take something to help cheer her mother up. So the good that came with the ill wind arrived when we spotted The Flower Shed at 58 Boundary Road, Thornlands. The sign outside advertised flowers at $8 a bunch on Fridays and Saturdays. It just happened to be Friday so we made a screeching stop to investigate.

Our experience at The Flower Shed was totally awesome. The name says it all; the business is situated in a huge shed full of the most beautiful flowers of every colour and type imaginable. My wife's panic was soon calmed by the wonderful customer service we received from the owners, Grace and Herman. When we explained what the flowers were for they took us out to their cold room where we were left to our own devices. We were blown away by the heady perfume, colours and beauty of the vast array of flower stock on hand. This added another problem for my dear wife – how could she ever make a decision with all that choice? The solution came when she realised that, at these prices, I could afford armfuls.

Speaking with Grace and Herman, they told me they are focused on two aspects of the wholesale flower market. They supply top quality flowers to florists operating throughout Brisbane, south-east Queensland and New South Wales and also regularly air freight stock to florists in northern and central Queensland.

Additionally, the business is set up to make available quality wholesale flowers and other floral paraphernalia (my word not theirs) to the general public.

I am a great believer in the magical properties of a gift of flowers. Their use is well known as the best way to show your love, gratitude, sympathy, recognition or regret – just ask any woman. Having said that, though, I'm not so sure of their effect on some males who may tend to be a bit insensitive. I recall when I was in hospital many years ago, my work mates brought up a bunch of flowers and a bottle of Scotch. I definitely remember the Scotch but, I must admit, I'm now a bit vague on the flowers!

Fortunately I continue to learn throughout my life, now I know some of the special properties of giving flowers so that when I need my dear wife to forgive my insensitivities all I need do is visit The Flower Shed and all can be forgiven – I hope!

The staff at The Flower Shed are happy to make suggestions on the types of flowers or floral arrangements most suited for any special occasion, such as, weddings, funerals, Valentine´s day, birthdays, mother's day or when you just want to say 'Thank You' to all the special people in your life. You will receive expert, personal service on flowers, arrangements and extras to suit the occasion and your budget. Personal delivery of your selections can also be arranged.

From the time we arrived the staff were welcoming and showed a genuine desire to satisfy our needs. Do yourself a favour and call The Flower Shed on (07) 3206 4254, or visit at 58 Boundary Road, Thornlands and see the magic of flowers working on cheering up those you love and who need a boost or, maybe, for that special somebody just because you can.

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