The Eprapah Creek and Fodder Forest Walk

The Eprapah Creek and Fodder Forest Walk


Posted 2014-10-12 by Tony Dyerfollow

Following doctor's orders I commenced my new exercise regime where I will be walking until these kilos fall away. Fortunately, living in the Redlands means I can take a walk almost anywhere and be surrounded by nature, beauty and accessible convenience.

For my start-up walk, or in my case it's more like a shuffle, I rode down the road to Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point. I already knew that behind 'The White House', opposite the Link Road lights, is the start of what looks like an open and easy walk.

Securing the bike, I set off. To my amazement, by the time I got back, I had smashed the mould formed over the last 30-odd slothful years. I had enjoyed my surroundings even thought I was exercising. I never thought I would be saying this, but I'd just been for a relaxing and invigorating walk.

The whole walk is shaped like a 'Y' and you can walk all three branches or fewer – just depends how you feel. You can start the walk from several spots. I started behind 'The White House' but you can join it beside Aspect Drive opposite Warnick or Ryan Streets. The biggest surprise of the walk is you can also start from Beveridge Road in Thornlands.

As I ambled along I spotted an off-leash dog area behind some really thick scrub for those who like to have their best friends along. A bit further on is a lovely family area with a playground for the kids, a picnic area for the parents and a basketball hoop for the teens – something for everybody.

I followed the track off to the right which took me alongside Eprapah Creek until the track ended.

On my return trip (amble), at the 'Y' junction, I veered right again down past the family area and still alongside the creek. Here was my biggest surprise – there's a bridge over the creek enabling you to continue walking to the end of Beveridge Road, Thornlands.

The bridge is a magnificent structure. The weight limit sign at the bridge approach put the wind up me a bit due to my excessive girth! However, I made it across and back with only one loud creak so I'm sure anybody can make it without a problem.

The bridge curves between the creek banks and comes out in a lovely shady spot a couple of hundred easy metres from Beveridge Road.

It was on the way back I noticed the work being done in the bush all around the walking track. There are new plantings and roped off areas of regeneration. Clearly a lot of work is being put into the area. It wasn't until I returned home and looked up the map I realised what I had been looking at – The Fodder Forrest.

As part of the Redland City Council's Indigiscapes programme, the Fodder Forrest was established to provide reliable supplies of native tree fodder to wildlife carers in the south-east. Consisting mainly of eucalypts the Forest has native fruits and flowers to provide for a variety of wildlife needs. The Forest is an important resource for the Department of Environment and Resource Management's, Daisy Hill Koala Centre and the Moggill Wildlife Hospital.

Weed control and regular pruning help maintain the Forrest in a natural state to help provide for the feeding of injured animals and support the on-going care and release programme for orphaned and injured native wildlife. If you would like more information on the Fodder Forest you can contact a Bushcare Officer on 3824 8611.

On my way to my first walk I noticed something I had never seen before and I stopped at a little triangular park opposite the Sharks Sporting Club. This turned out to be a beautiful little oasis complete with a cascading brook as its centre piece. Picnic tables are provided for the parents as well as a play area for the kids. A skate park for the teens is also close by.

I couldn't find a name anywhere but it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful considering it is on Colburn Avenue. A fountain feeds the brook as it winds its way through the area. The whole thing was serene and the water and shade trees cooled the area – just what I needed after pumping out those miles on the track!

All in all my first 'work out' in the new exercise regime was a great success. It was only when I got home I realised I needed a good solid 'nana nap' which went well into the afternoon. I just hope all my walks are as enjoyable as the Eprapah Creek and Fodder Forest Walk followed by a cooling break next to the cascading brook. If so, I might have to eat a bit of crow and admit exercising is not all bad!

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