The Elfkins: Baking a Difference - Film Review

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Posted 2021-01-12 by Jenfollow

The Elfkins: Baking a Difference is a German computer-animated film directed by Ute von Münchow-Pohl. It's in cinemas everywhere on 14 January 2021 and suitable for the whole family. The German version has the voices of young well known German actress Jella Haase (trilogy of Suck me Shakespeer aka Fack ju Göhte, 4 Kings aka 4 Könige) as Helvi, Louis Hofmann (German film Tom Sawyer, Danish film Land of Mine) as Kipp, Leon Seidel (also in Tom Sawyer as Huck Finn) as Butz, Detlef Bierstedt (actor, dubbing and radio play speaker) as Theo and Rolf Berg (The Red Band Society) as Bruno.

The legendary Heinzelmännchen of Cologne were gnomes secretly finishing craftsmen work at night until they were ousted by a tailor's malevolent wife 200 years ago. Ever since then, the Heinzels have been hiding in a secret underground habitation where any contact with the upper world, and most of all with humans, is strictly forbidden. This is a story of their return.

Elders of the Elfkins encourage members of the tribe to nurture a craft, but lively Heinzel girl Helvi doesn't quite fit in and all her attempts to learn a craft seems to fail. Told she'll never be a true Elfkin she sets about earning her place in the Elfkin world and stop being a small hatted under achiever. She decides to escape and climb up to the earth's surface, to find her true calling. Coming along for the adventure; one reluctantly and not by choice, are the Heinzel boys Kipp and Butz.

They come upon Theo, whose small bakery is under threat from his brother Bruno who has built a large establishment right across the street for his mass-produced baked goods. Jealous of his brother's achievements and praise from their parents when they were much younger, Bruno is determined to crush Theo and be rid of his small bakery by bulldozing it to the ground.

Wariness of humans have crept in over hundreds of years, but Helvi convinces the Heinzel boys that there are still good humans and that their true calling is to help them. Now to convince Theo. She pledges to save the ailing bakery if Theo will teach her how to bake.

This is a feel-good film about determination, following your own path, and a lot of heart. One the whole family can enjoy. There's enough adventure and hilarity packed into a small 76 minute package that'll hold the attention of adults and children alike, all the way. It keeps the childhood dreams of fantasy little people alive and the genius of how the Elfkins adapt the workplace to suit their size and capabilities is sure to ignite the minds of kids. Perfectly aimed at the youngest of audiences and the big kids, it's bright, it's fun, the characters are cute, and the storyline is brisk and simple enough to follow.

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