The Cage of Death

The Cage of Death


Posted 2015-10-14 by Toni Meganfollow
On our recent honeymoon my new husband and I undertook a tour of the spectacular top end of Australia. It was an amazing few weeks that ended with a trip to Crocosaurus Cove and a swim with Chopper, one of their salt-water crocs. Now whilst this activity may not scream "romance," it certainly had our hearts racing, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to the area.

After the obligatory waiver signing, we changed into our bathers and met with the croc handlers. These lovely gentlemen opened up the lid of a clear cage, just large enough to fit the two of us, and we clambered on in. The cage is mechanically operated, and once we were standing in the bottom and ready to go we felt the whole thing move upwards and sideways until we were suspended above Chopper's enclosure.

The operators then lowered us into the croc-infested water and then warm water began to pour in through the large holes (not large enough to let the croc in, thank goodness). Then Chopper, the 5.5 metre salty, who weighs almost 800kg was coaxed into swimming around our cage. This gorgeous creature slowly floated his way around us as we dipped and dived under the water to see his belly. Seeing something so dangerous up close makes you realise how beautiful they truly are.

After about ten minutes of this unique underwater experience the cage was lifted partly out of the water and the croc handlers began to bash bloody meat up against the cage. As a result, the hungry Chopper snapped his incredible teeth at the hunk or raw meat right in front of our faces. The sound his powerful jaw made against the cage was something I will never forget.

The two of sat for a few minutes watching Chopper in action, unable to decide whether we were terrified or just loving it. However, looking back at the photos now, I think the smiles on our faces show that it was perhaps one of the coolest things we've ever done.

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