The C Restaurant

The C Restaurant


Posted 2011-09-30 by Jessica Vallsfollow
When it comes to fine dining and glamour, the C is the place to be. This sophisticated restaurant, at the top of St Martin's Tower, is a revolving restaurant offering an amazing view of Perth City.

You don't see many revolving restaurants in these days, which I think is a shame because the idea is really great. takes about an hour to do 360 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the view, from the river to the hills. So, while you're enjoying the view, you can take your time to enjoy the food menu.

The Food
The food was excellent. I'm not really a fine-dining person but for a special occasion it's really nice. I remember when I booked the lounge and a table for 10 for my birthday diner a year ago. When we arrived, they were really polite and took us to the lounge. We had a Kir Royale for the girls and a choice of good beers for the guys. Then, we were then taken to our table which was very nicely set. We had a $80 pp menu which included: starter - main course - dessert and a glass of red/white wine.

They offer a variety of international dishes and delicious desserts. They also had a three course lunch for $55 pp. Pretty reasonable for this type of restaurant.

The C Lounge
The lounge is made up of comfy oversize couches were you can sit, relax and enjoy the view. Here, you have a selection of cocktails, wines and spirits.There is also a massive piano on the side and sometimes you might have someone playing.

The Atmosphere
I have been to the C both for lunch and diner, and I have to say the afternoons are always better. The view is much more beautiful at that time of the day. The wait staff were very efficient and very friendly too.

For those who might think that it's a little weird to eat in a revolving restaurant, well it is not. Until you decide to go to the restrooms and come back to find that your table is not where it was. Some might not like that, but I thought it was fun. Apart from that you don't even feel sick, it turns so slow you can't even feel it.

I think the food and the whole setup makes for a glamorous fine dinning experience, but I still felt pretty relaxed and I liked that.

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