The Bistro at The Bayswater Hotel

The Bistro at The Bayswater Hotel


Posted 2016-09-01 by finyfollow
This hotel has been there for many years and is now a "Quality" hotel, bottle shop, and bistro.

They do quite a good buffet lunch and I was meeting a friend I had not seen in years and wanted somewhere where we could park easily.

The bistro is a very large room, next to the bar, where you can also get bar type meals.

We both chose the buffet after looking at everything available in it. I chose it partly because they had crabs, and I love crabs, however, I was just unable to eat much of it without making a huge mess!

They have a "pensioners" special at $19.95 for the buffet, and I was rather insulted that they did not even ask if I was a pensioner (I always think they think I am old if they do not ask!), however I did not complain in this instance as it saved $5 on the regular price.

They had two different soups, both of which I decided not to eat as there was too much else, including a large bar of cold food as well as a hot section with about 10 different dishes.

For an "entree" I had crab, chicken legs done in a sweet sauce, Fremantle sardines (a rare find), a bit of ravioli, and an apple and walnut salad.

There was a large choice at this bistro with plenty of salads and food to go with the hot meals.

They had crumbed fish as well as the Fremantle sardines, and they brought this out fresh when we asked for it.


I then had another course similar to the first, but with more of their salads.

They also do breakfast every morning, have a special kids menu, a bar menu and a la carte.

There is a vast array of pizzas available and they have a special pizza oven for these, however they are only served in the evenings, apart from Friday and Saturday lunch. They also have some great specials most nights.

When it came to dessert time, we had the choice of the fruit that was included with the buffet, or there was a counter display of cakes that could be bought. As we had had enough to eat by then, we just chose the fruit, however the cakes looked very inviting!


Attached to the side of this hotel there is also a bottle department which is easy to get to, and you drive right through. Parking was also plentiful on the property.


We had an enjoyable lunch with a good variety, and prices, and next time we will try the a la carte menu. More information about the Quality Inn, can be seen here .

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