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The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill

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by Marisa Quinn-Haisu (subscribe)
My name is Marisa. I am a fiction writer, a blogger, and a freelance journalist.
Published April 6th 2020
I'm going to whip up some spa-Peggy and meatballs
The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Ho, Yeah!

"I am not a feminist, Hank. I am Peggy Hill, a citizen of the Republic of Texas. I work hard, I sweat hard and I love hard, I gotta smell good and look pretty while I'm doing it. So I comb my hair, I reapply lipstick thirty times a day, I do your dishes, I wash your clothes, and I clean the house. Not because I have to, Hank, but because of a mutual, unspoken agreement that I have never brought up because I am too much of a lady."

Peggy Hill, King of the Hill

Peggy Hill (voiced by Kathy Najimy) was a fictional character on the American animated sitcom King of the Hill. Peggy is the wife of Hank Hill, the protagonist of the series, the mother of Bobby Hill and the aunt of Luanne Platter. Peggy is a character with a lot of flaws. She is deeply devoted to her husband Hank, who she calls the love of her life, and a loving mother to Bobby and Luanne, who she considers a daughter. Peggy has a high opinion of herself and an inflated sense of self-esteem, which she developed as a reaction to her mother's constant criticism as a child, and to hide her crippling insecurities about herself. Her egotism makes her think she is fluent in Spanish, when her knowledge of the language is actually very limited, and she constantly praises herself for her intelligence and believes that everyone around her thinks as highly of her as she does. Her arrogance is a running gag in the series, which sees Peggy rush into things without thinking, and become the victim of manipulation several times. Despite all of her flaws, Peggy prides herself on being a good mother and a faithful wife, and is a kind person at heart. She is often the voice of reason within the Hill family, who encourages Bobby and Luanne in their endeavours, and helps Hank and Bobby work at building their relationship. There are many fans of King of the Hill who dislike Peggy, but I think she is a very realistic and well-written character, who tries her best to be a good wife and mother. Here are some of her best episodes.... (spoilers ahead)....

1. Lupe's Revenge

The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy Hill takes some students on a field trip into Mexico

Episode Details: Season 6, Episode 3
Air Date: 12 December 2001
Written by: Dean Young
Directed by: Allan Jacobsen

Best Quote:

Peggy Hill: [attempting to speak Spanish] "Your honour. I can tell you are a reasonable horse. I am very pregnant because of what happened with Lupe. She ate my bus accident and all I wanted was to make Lupe into a book. I have too many anuses ahead of me to spend my life in a cigar factory."

Peggy Hill, Lupe's Revenge

"Lupe's Revenge" is a great Peggy themed episode that pokes fun at Peggy's inflated sense of ego and pride. Peggy gets a job as a substitute teacher leading a school trip from Texas across the Mexican border on a field trip. While on the trip, Peggy boasts that she is so fluent in Spanish, she speaks it better than the locals. Her actual knowledge of the language is limited, but her high opinion of herself doesn't let her admit that. It is her poor Spanish that makes her accidentally transport a local Mexican girl, Lupe, back to Texas with the rest of the school group, after mistaking her Spanish and confusing her for one of her students. After Peggy realises her mistake, she transports Lupe back to Mexico, where she is arrested for kidnapping and put on trial. Her lawyer makes her testify in Spanish, hoping to prove that her Spanish is so poor, she could never have instructed Lupe to get on the bus. The scene where Peggy defends herself in Spanish is one of the funniest scenes in King of the Hill.

2. The Substitute Spanish Prisoner

The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy is tricked into thinking she is a genius

Episode Details: Season 6, Episode 10
Air Date: 3 March 2002
Written by: Etan Cohen
Directed by: Kyounghee Lim & Boohwan Lim

Best Quote:

Peggy Hill: "What if I'm not as smart as I always thought. What if I'm... average?"

Hank Hill: "Peggy, you have an IQ of 175. You said so yourself."

Peggy Hill: "Well, there could be a margin of error. Especially since it's my own estimate."

Peggy and Hank, The Substitute Spanish Prisoner

Peggy questions her intelligence after a student in her class asks her a question that leaves her dumbfounded. Her confidence shaken, she begins to worry that she is not as smart as she thinks she is and might even be average. Peggy decides to test her intelligence by doing an online IQ test. To her delight, the test declares she is a genius. She is invited to attend a seminar with other 'geniuses' hosted by a charismatic man named Dr. Vayzosa. Peggy is surprised to see Jimmy Wichard, a local man with a reputation for not being very smart, is also at the seminar and was labelled a genius as well. Dr. Vayzosa dismisses her concerns and charms Peggy into spending her retirement money on a Ph.D. Peggy later discovers that the Ph.D is phony and that Dr. Vayzosa is a con man. After Vayzosa refuses to give her money back, she enlists the other people he conned and convinces them that they should con Vayzosa to get their money back. Vayzosa openly mocks Peggy and the other 'geniuses' as they attempt to trap him. He can see through their bad con and almost gets away with even more money, but then in a twist he loses it all and Peggy comes out the winner. Peggy knew that he would be too smart to fall for a straight-up con, so she put a fake safe in his room and when he was not looking, enlisted Boomhauer to remove a fake wall and take the safe and all of the money back. This is fun episode. I love how after Peggy finds out that she has been conned, she doesn't let herself be defeated. Peggy has faith in herself that she can make it right and that people can do anything if they commit themselves.

3. Death and Texas

The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy visits a death row inmate in prison

Episode Details: Season 3, Episode 22
Air Date: 27 April 1999
Written by: John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky
Directed by: Wes Archer
Best Quote:

Wesley Archer: "How do you say "Peggy Hill is the smartest, most talented woman on earth" in Spanish?"

Peggy Hill: "Hm... well, that would be "Peggy Hill es bueno."

Peggy Hill and Wesley Archer, Death and Texas

A death row inmate named Wesley Archer writes to Peggy and tricks her into thinking he was a former student of hers. Peggy visits him in the prison and agrees to tutor him and teach him Boggle. Hank dislikes the idea of her visiting him in prison, but Peggy is insistent on continuing to tutor him. She returns to the prison to conduct lessons with Archer. He compliments on her teaching abilities, fueling her need for praise. After one meeting, he fools her into thinking that his Boggle timer was destroyed in a fight and encourages her to visit a friend to get more sand. Peggy agrees and visits a ramshackle house where a woman gives her some more timer sand. She brings it to Archer, who thanks her, but then asks her for more sand a few days later. Peggy returns to the house a few more times for more "sand" and brings it to Archer. He soon comes clean and confesses she has been smuggling cocaine into the jail for him and that he has been using her as a drug mule. He tells her he never had her as a teacher, he is almost forty, he wrote to all the teachers in the Arlen yearbook and Peggy was the only person gullible enough to respond. Archer threatens to turn Peggy in to the guards unless she continues to smuggle cocaine and other items into the jail for him. Peggy goes to Hank for help and the two of them go into the jail for a meeting with Archer and the Warden. Peggy is nervous and asks to see the evidence against her, but since Archer has licked the empty timer clean, there is none. This is a good episode that shows how strong the relationship is between Peggy and Hank. She is able to go to him for help and with his support is able to find the courage to stand up to Archer.

4. Bobby Slam
The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy convinces Connie to try out for the wrestling team

Episode Details: Season 2, Episode 10
Air Date: 14 December 1999
Written by: Gina Fattore
Directed by: Chris Moeller

Best Quote:

Connie: "It's over, Mrs Hill. Maybe sports wasn't such a good idea. Maybe I should do yearbook instead or chess club."

Peggy: "Connie, don't you say that. Yearbook is a shameful, squalid waste of time. Now, you just tell me what sport you want to play and I will make sure you play it."

Connie: "What if it's not a girl's sport?"

Peggy: "Oh, pooh. Honey, there's no such thing as boys' sports or girls' sports, they're just sports."

Connie: "Then I want to wrestle."

Peggy: "Well, then. We will show those coaches there's nothing a boy can do, that a girl can't."

Peggy Hill and Connie Souphanousinphone, Bobby Slam

I've always found it funny that Peggy Hill does not consider herself a feminist. As a conservative woman from Texas, she sees feminists as being outspoken, with lots of piercings and tattoos, who are not ladylike and dislike men. This is a running joke on King of the Hill. A lot of people who are left-leaning on the show are shown as traditional hipster types who ruffle the feathers of the conservative Hill family. The funny thing about Peggy is that she is actually pretty left-leaning and I would describe her as a forward-thinking, modern feminist. I wish she'd realized that and embraced it. I hate the idea that "feminist" is a dirty word and the cliche that all feminists hate men because it's not true. Quite often, a feminist is just someone who stands up for their beliefs, which is something Peggy does quite often and is very passionate about. In the episode "Bobby Slam" Peggy gets hired as a substitute teacher for a Middle School girl's gym class. Peggy takes on the role enthusiastically, but finds the experience frustrating. The male coach of the boy's gym class is sexist towards her and Peggy struggles to get the school to commit to purchase new sports equipment for the girls. When a little girl in her class named Connie tells Peggy that she wants to wrestle, the school resists strongly, and tries to push Connie into doing gymnastics instead, because it is seen as a more traditional sport for girls. Peggy even gets opposition from Hank, who argues with her that girls competing in wrestling would ruin it for boys. But Peggy sticks to her guns and fights for Connie, because when she was a little girl no one supported her when she wanted to do sports, despite the fact that she had talent. I love Peggy's attitude in this episode. She challenges everyone who opposes her, including her own husband, stands up for her students, and enacts positive change at Tom Landry Middle School for girls who want to play sport.

5. The Peggy Horror Picture Show

The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy discovers her feminine side in The Peggy Horror Picture Show

Episode Details: Season 11, Episode 7
Air Date: 28 January 2007
Written by: Christy Stratton
Directed by: Kyounghee Lim

Best Quote:

"Peggy, drag queens model themselves after strong, substantial, fearless women. Women who aren't afraid to wear purple gauchos and MC Hammer glasses. Women who only need one name to describe themselves, like Liza, Barber and Cher. You, my dear, are simply Peggy."

Carolyn, The Peggy Horror Picture Show

Peggy is not a very feminine looking woman. She wears large glasses, sleeveless blouses, large shorts, and has size 16 feet. She loves football jerseys, playing softball, wouldn't turn down a beer and is more comfortable sitting in the stands of a football game whooping and hollering than watching a soccer match. In "The Peggy Horror Picture Show" we see learn that Peggy has insecurities about her femininity, after she comes home after attending a clothing swap with her friends, crestfallen that nothing fit her and that none of her friends were interested in anything that she had to offer. Peggy goes shoe shopping to try and find some girlish shoes and ends up meeting Carolyn, a drag queen, at a store that specializes in large shoes for women. Peggy mistakes Carolyn for a real woman and Carolyn mistakes Peggy for a man who dresses and acts like a woman. The two of them become friends and start bonding over shopping, clothes, makeup and dance. Carolyn thinks Peggy is very confident and feminine and asks her for shopping, makeup and fashion tips. Peggy is delighted with her new "gal pal" and feels the most feminine she has in ages. When Carolyn eventually figures out that Peggy is a real woman and not a drag queen, she is distraught. She explains to Peggy that she is a man and a drag queen, and confesses that she thought Peggy was a man who looked like a woman. This devastates Peggy and ruins her self-esteem. Carolyn picks up Peggy at her house and takes her and a bag of her used clothes to visit some drag queen friends of his. His friends are delighted over her clothes, which are not very girlish or fashionable, because they are perfect for their acts on stage. Peggy is not happy about this at first, until Carolyn points out that his friends are men who want to look like women, and that they wouldn't be interested in her clothes if they didn't think they are feminine. Peggy has a unique style and she should embrace it. I can really identify with Peggy in this episode. It can be hard when you feel ugly and like you don't fit in. Carolyn is a good friend to her in this episode, who makes Peggy realize that she doesn't have to be like everyone else, and that the most important thing is to be yourself.

6.Death Picks Cotton

The Best Peggy Hill Episodes from King of the Hill
Peggy has never hid her dislike of her father-in-law Cotton

Episode Details: Season 12, Episode 5
Air Date: 11 November 2007
Written by: Judah Miller and Murray Miller
Directed by: Tony Kluck

Best Quote:

"Enough! Your son has always loved you despite your constant torture. You want to die alone? Fine. You want to keep coming back and never die? That's fine too. In fact, I hope you do go on living forever as the unhappy person you are in the hell you have created here on this earth. I hope you live forever. I really do."

Peggy Hill to Cotton Hill, Death Picks Cotton

Peggy has never hidden the fact that she hates her father-in-law Cotton Hill. Colonel Cotton Hill was the father of Hank Hill, the grandfather of Bobby Hill and a U.S Army veteran who served in World War Two. Cotton fought in several battles in World War Two and was awarded the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Silver Star, and American Campaign Medal. Cotton had his shins blown off by a machine gun when he was in Japan during the war and later had his feet re-attached to his shins. Cotton was very proud of his military record but had a habit of exaggerating his exploits, like his claim that he killed "fiddy" (fifty) men during the war. Cotton was a violent, abusive, misogynistic, sexist and intolerant man, who was prone to violent outbursts and had a strained relationship with his son Hank and his wife Peggy. He was very open about his dislike of Peggy, who he never addressed by name, and referred to her only as "Hank's wife". Cotton was a terrible, abusive father to Hank, who mocked him, verbally abused him and terrified him as a child and as a grown man. His only redeeming trait was his positive relationship with his grandson Bobby, who he was proud of and supported, and expressed affection for. Cotton hated himself for growing old and being a bad father to Hank, but struggled to find the words to say it. In the episode "Death Picks Cotton" Cotton suffers a war flash back and ends up in hospital on his death bed. Hank visits him in hospital and tries to say his goodbyes, but Cotton just taunts and mocks him. Peggy visits him and in a truly excellent scene stands up for her husband by taking the chance to tell off Cotton for being a horrible father to Hank and for being a cruel, unhappy person. This is the scene that made me respect Peggy. She has her flaws, like everyone does, but she is a loyal wife to Hank who stands up for him against his horrible father when he is too emotionally devastated to do so himself.

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Why? Peggy Hill is a wife and a mother who hides deep insecurities about herself behind a positive attitude and a superiority complex that clouds her judgement.
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