The Bean Rozelle Cafe, Bar & Bistro

The Bean Rozelle Cafe, Bar & Bistro


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The Bean , along Rozelle's popular Darling Street is an iconic Rozelle institute. Once upon a time this boutique cafe looked no different to an old school restaurant with carpet and seating that you will find in community halls. Thank goodness the times have changed. Rozelle is known as the organic food hub of inner Sydney, and it is uber cool to eat out for brunch every Sunday morning here. If you're a local to the area, it is expected.

This super cool, cosy and conservative cafe made way for an opportunity to take my dad out for breakfast as part of his belated father's day present. For a dad that does not want anything more than some bacon, eggs, baked beans and a hot tomato with a few herbs; yet (alas) despite the noise, my dad left The Bean happier than both of us anticipated his mood thermostat to be. And on any given Sunday morning too. I was (and still am) surprised. If a place wins the heart of my old fashioned (albeit funny) father, that has to speak volumes in itself.

Expect modern flair with a bit of old school uber cool. No wonder this place attracts academics, professionals and artists alike. Old school decorations blend in nicely with those type of books that you will only find if you're more than happy to walk beyond the general reference section at the State Library of New South Wales. It is great to come here alone, and (as recently proven with great company) it is difficult to leave here. Settle in, and it will be difficult to ship out unless the roof above from where you were sitting happened to be leaking.

For a man who cannot stand noise and crowds of people in hippy spaces, despite the old school touch did really well. I was surprised that he went for a second cappuccino. Having died and gone to cafe society latte and brunch heaven simultaneously, I agree with my dad's decision to live it up at 'the bean.' After all he made the most of it, especially as anything he consumed on this occasion meant that my love (aka moola on this occasion) went towards his great Sunday, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it in the process.

Why? Not only because of the care factor involved, but also because this cafe was so good to us with amazing food, coffee, ambience and the most enthusiastic Rozelle cafe staff (aka. Rosellas) you will ever come across. Even if you live in next door Balmain, take a walk towards Victoria Road, and on the way you will find old school meeting modern brunch paradise, like a perfect match. Literally.

When you do come to The Bean for breakfast, I (as well as my dad) highly recommend you try the Big Bean ($15.80) where you choose your bread base. I went for the Turkish. Furthermore, you will be spoilt with a beautiful piece of bacon, together with a generous bowl of mushrooms, sausage, organic eggs and a hot tomato. If the waiter comes by with a pepper grinder in tow, get excited and allow them to drizzle a bit of the peppery stuff all over your dish. It will be worth it. The food was cooked right and tasted utterly fresh. The mushrooms felt great to eat and were full of flavour. If you leave this sanctuary with your tank running a little on empty, something would not be right.

Mix your breakfast with some coffee paradise. If you love a quality brew, you will be in caffeine luck here. My latte was well roasted with the right milk and froth combinations. Remember to also ask for a jug of water to share. Sooner or later the bean supreme will hit you, and once you arrive there you will begin to understand why.

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