The Beaches of Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

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Posted 2012-08-19 by Sharon Higsonfollow

How do you feel about a long walk on the beach? No, I mean a really long walk on the beach; perhaps 3 - 4 kilometres?

Seriously, Point Lookout has 6 beaches, 5 of which are in a row and with a bit of planning can be walked, sauntered on, ran on or hiked if you have half a day or more to devote to it.

This can be done in either of two ways.

You can start at Adder Rock Campground where you will find Flinders Beach. From here they line up - Home Beach, Cylinder Beach, Dead Man's beach and Frenchman's Beach. Most of the beaches have been named for particular reasons.

Flinders Beach was named for young Matthew Flinders, a navigator and explorer who sailed out of England with Captain Bligh. He came to circumnavigate Australia before he was imprisoned on Mauritius for 6 years.

Cylinder Beach was named for the acetylene gas cylinders that they stored in a shed here for the Point Lookout lighthouse. More of the history of the island can be seen at or you can go visit it in Dunwich. They are open from 10am - 2:00pm Tues. to Sat. or 11am - 3pm on Sunday.

Deadman's Beach and Frenchman's Beach both were named after shipwreck victims.

Looking at the buried rocks as you walk along you can see how being a sailor back then with no instruments other than their sextants and their wits could be quite treacherous in the waters around Straddie.

From town you can start from Frenchman's Beach. Make sure you carry with you a backpack complete with hat, sunscreen, water, snacks or a picnic lunch (please take your garbage with you) a towel and your bathing suit.

You can walk for a while, swim where the surf life savers are, play on the beach, sit and have a nap before you carry on. Or you can just walk. It is a lovely scenic area with numerous photo opportunities.

It is wise to observe the tides and also the temperatures for the day. There are lots of rock outcroppings that divide each of the beaches. Be prepared to either go around as there are overland trails or to scamble across the rocks. If the tide is out you can just walk around some of them. The rocks are lava like and hard on the feet, flip flops may not be suitable.

Once you are done, depending on where you are staying the bus can return you to your destination, check for the times before you go at Someone can pick you up or if you aren't tired yet you could even walk back.

Be prepared, be alert to your surroundings and this can be an amazing long walk on the beach.

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