The Baker's Corner on Kenrose

The Baker's Corner on Kenrose


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Are you in search of a nice loaf black rye, sourdough or gluten free bread? Search no more, because in the back streets of Carina is the best place to get them.

is an unassuming little bakery. If you drove by the set of shops you may miss it. The cafe a few doors away has tables full of people (even during the week) and initially, your attention is diverted but if you continue to the end of the row of shops (on the corner) you will be treated with a pleasant surprise. A little bakery with a couple of tables and chairs outside going about its day making exceptional bread and treats.

I am a fan of black rye - love it, but I must say I haven't found a great one until I bought one from Kenrose a month or so ago. It didn't tease me with being really dark on the outside and then light on the inside -it was pumpernickel colour all the way through. Every time I opened the bag at home my husband would growl with jealousy as he could smell the sourdough and being Coeliac he can't eat bread.

I went back a week later. Being an artisan bakery the range can vary on a daily basis and varieties are not mass produced like supermarket bakeries but, sitting on the counter were gluten-free loaves of bread. Needless to say, I was wife of the year and the review that I was given - best GF bread he had ever eaten.

doesn't just make bread. They have decadent sweets and savoury favourites. My children were very impressed with the chocolate covered doughnuts and I spoilt myself with a with a mini Banoffee Pie. And....every so often when I want a good old pie for lunch I do a drive down to Kenrose to get one.

If you track their facebook page you will see they constantly run out of sourdough pizza bases, the reviews online for those are 5 star and the reviews for the croissants are also up there. Note to oneself - must try a croissant next time I pop in!

So, if you are driving down Creek Road, Carina make the detour off the main road and visit this little bakery. It will be one of the best detours you could make and if you don't live locally, they sell coffee and other beverages, make a trip for morning or afternoon tea.

Where: Shop 4, 18 Kenrose Street, Carina
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am--6pm
Tuesday. Closed
Sat: 7am--5pm
Sun: 7am--5pm

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