The 60 Four: In Concert - Adelaide Fringe 2022 - Review

The 60 Four: In Concert - Adelaide Fringe 2022 - Review


Posted 2022-03-13 by Juliet Efollow

Fri 11 Mar 2022 - Sun 13 Mar 2022

I've rarely seen a more energetic performance than the one from The 60 Four at Adelaide's Fringe! Despite the fact that none of them would even have been born in the '60s, they tackled the songs with great enthusiasm and aplomb.

The greater part of the audience was definitely baby boomers and they greeted each familiar number with squeals of delight. And the lifting of COVID restrictions that same day was simply an invitation for many to get up and dance.

The venue, Norwood Concert Hall is a barn of a place and it presented quite a challenge to the sound engineer. Vocals were occasionally lost against the playing of the 9 piece band, but their excellent sound really added a great dimension to the performance. They are all extremely well-credentialed musicians and featured an impressive brass line-up, as well as drums, guitars and keyboards.

The show was tightly choreographed, with non-stop singing and dancing from the Four - they should have been exhausted by the end of the show, as their 2 sets went for a good 50 minutes each, with leads switching cleverly from member to member.

The show started on a high note, literally, with hits from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, followed by Simon and Garfunkel and The Monkees. Beachboys' hits prompted the audience to join in and I was embarrassed to discover that I, too, knew all the words!

A downside for me was the lighting - huge spotlights flashed from the stage onto the audience were too much for my sensitive eyes and they could potentially cause a real problem for those prone to migraine attacks.

The 60 Four don't have any more Adelaide performances for this year's Fringe, but they are taking the show on the road and will be appearing in regional centres until late April.
Details and ticket information is here at FringeTix .

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