That Dam Guide: Amsterdam Walking Tours

That Dam Guide: Amsterdam Walking Tours


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Amsterdam is one of those cities where you can feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole into a topsy turvy world. With canals almost identical, hardly any street signs and cobbled streets it is easy to feel like you've left reality. That is why I think it is absolutely essential to do a walking tour in this enchanting city.

There is so much culture and history to experience on the streets. Explanations of all the quirks of Amsterdam are well explained by That Dam Guide. He takes you through the legislation surrounding marijuana and prostitution, why the houses are slanted and how the city became what it is today.

That Dam Guide - also known as Mark with the Orange Pompom - does two walking tours: the City Tour and the Red Light District Tour. I walked both to absorb as much culture as possible.

I spent my first day in Amsterdam walking the City Tour. The tour takes you all over central Amsterdam exploring the canals, old buildings and sporting some free cheese off local tenders. Throughout the tour you learn over 400 years of Amsterdam history. Learning about the royal family, Prime Ministers, horses, canals and the fascinating truth about Vondellpark. You also see where the Anne Frank House is and the locations of many museums, galleries and restaurants to explore afterwards.

The Red Light District is a make believe world to many. Seeing it in full swing however sets reality in. That Dam Guide's Red Light District Tour takes place in the early evening so you can absorb a proper Red Light experience. He guides you through Big Mama Alley, the Blue Light and shows you where the sex shops are, fetish clubs and live shows. Now there is a lot of controversy around the Red Light District for many people around the world. But no matter your opinion of what happens there is, you should definitely venture through it and gain some knowledge about the history of the District.

That Dam Guide keeps his tours in small groups to make sure everyone stays together and doesn't get lost - which is absolutely crucial. His orange pompom hat is very easy to spot so you always know where he is. As a lone traveller he took me under his wing and took me to a few amazing bars, showed me where to get a decent but cheap meal and lent me his umbrella! That Dam Guide will help you in any way he can with your adventures in Amsterdam.
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