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Thai Touch - Massage and Day Spa


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A bit of a highlight to my busy week. I had booked myself in for a Thai Touch signature oil massage at Thai Touch, Massage and Day Spa in Newstead. Let's start with the practicalities. It is easy to find and there is parking in the back of the building, which you can access. That is a good start.

This was made even better when I meet the smiling and calm faces of Katai, the receptionist assistant, and Nida, who was going to do my massage. They invite me to a warm and inviting sitting area where a bowl of warm water with red rose petals and an exfoliant awaits me. My feet are washed and gently dried before I am shown to a treatment room. They are dimly lit, laid out in tasteful Thai furniture and are very comfortable.

I was face down on the massage table when Nida joined me for my signature massage.

It is important to note that everyone who comes is asked to go through a small questionnaire about possible problems or areas that need special attention. You are also asked to specify the type of massage you want and I opt for a medium strength one. More pressure can be applied if you want it and often these types of massages are considered more therapeutic and healing. I was there to enjoy the experience. Nida was careful to consult me about the pressure she was applying. I did at one point realise she was sitting astride to be able to get to those parts of my body she would not otherwise be able to reach by standing on the side of the massage table. It did bring a smile to my face because I remember doing the same for my mother after a hard day's work.

She works on every part of my body starting with my back and shoulders and going to each arm and leg and then my chest, neck and face. It was 60 minutes of gentle caresses, pummelling, stretching and pressing. Nina reliably informed me that "Madame is full of knots"... and there is not a lot you can say to that other than getting them all undone.

It was a beautiful and I would say invigorating experience and one which I think I will suggest to my husband, who I know will appreciate such a treatment.

They offer a variety of massages for varying lengths of time, from remedial to deep tissue and aromatherapy. They have facial treatments and beauty treatments including hand and nail treatments and pedicures. A gift certificate for a treatment is also available.

There is a lot on offer and what is wonderful is that they are there to make sure every minute of what you choose counts.
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