Teppanyaki Lovers, Myer Centre

Teppanyaki Lovers, Myer Centre


Posted 2016-01-12 by Anthony Carrickfollow

If you're in the Myer Centre and looking for good quality Japanese food at reasonable prices Teppanyaki Lovers on Level A has been one of my favourites. You will find a variety of rice and noodle based stir-fry meals for around $10 to $12 and Asian tea drinks for around $4 to $6.

Each time I've eaten here the service has been responsive and friendly enough; and the actual meals I've had contained a reasonable mix of rice, vegetables and meat. I like to come here for an easy and delicious meal that's reasonably healthy too!

The food is flavoursome and not salty or overpowering, while the vegetables seemed not too soft or hard. As seems common in Japanese cuisine in Australia, the meat is a large portion, and I also appreciate that the meat isn't the only ingredient in many of the meals on offer. Some other places seem to offer just rice and meat whereas Teppanyaki Lovers include at least several items with a variety of vegetables too.

On my most recent visit I got a Buttery Chicken with Rice stir-fry. I was impressed at how the egg white was crispy while the yolk was runny so you could break it up and mix the yolk into the stir-fry, leaving the white of the egg in smaller pieces to eat separately. This dish also included mushrooms, onion, carrot and capsicum served with rice on the side and the egg on top. The meals are prepared while you wait, and last time took around 7 minutes. I've only ever ordered off the menu without any customisation so I can't speak to that. On another occasion I enjoyed a dish with teriyaki fish (pictured at the top of this article).

Teppanyaki Lovers also offers a selection of Asian side dishes - spring rolls, edamame beans, takoyaki and gyoza. The spring rolls were nicely presented in a box with grated lettuce.

I was also impressed with the drink selection. As to be expected, there is a variety of Japanese teas and matcha drinks available. Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder that can be used in frappes, ice creams, and even breads and cakes. The matcha frappes range from the simple iced-matcha with fruit, to the more complex like I had with red bean and waffle!

There is a $12 minimum spend to use EFTPOS so you'll need to bring cash unless of course you're buying something extra plus the meal. They are open until 9pm during the week so I like to come when I'm in the mood for a healthier choice in a convenient location or the option of takeaway.

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