Taxis in New York

Taxis in New York


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City are often the butt of jokes, but they really are one of the best ways to get around the City. Drivers must follow certain guidelines and regulations and riders have a "bill of rights" which states how they can expect to be treated, how they can make certain requests of the driver and have them fulfilled without being charged extra, and where to lodge complaints or look for lost property.

Find out for yourself what it's really like to ride in a NYC taxi. Consider this a Taxi Riding 101course, so that you can enjoy your ride better.

Yellow Cab

The Yellow Cab Company is the most prominent one in New York City, although there are others. If you choose a Yellow Cab, you can go to the website listed below before you even hail the cab to find out approximately how much it will cost to go from Point A to Point B, get updates on fuel prices (you can decide if you want to take your car or a taxi, depending on which one will save you money), and even get traffic reports.

In addition, you can also reserve a taxi. When you do this, you give your starting and ending destination, as well as the date and time you want to reserve the taxi. When you get ready to go, your Yellow Cab will be waiting for you.

NYC Taxi Cabs

This website gives detailed instructions on how to hail NYC Taxi Cabs], the fare rates, and whom to contact if you have problems with your taxi ride or if you've left items in the cab and don't realize it until later. Consider this website your primer or textbook for your Taxi Riding 101 course. Study it carefully, and you'll soon be riding in a cab like a seasoned pro.

Taxicab Rate of Fares

This website explains taxicab fares , and how they are calculated. It also provides information on when the meter will be engaged, and destinations in which flat fares will apply (to the airport is one of them.)

You can also learn about the taxicab amenities that you cannot be charged for. For example, you cannot be charged for using the trunk on the taxicab to carry your luggage or other items. If a cab driver tries to do this, you can tell him that you know this isn't allowed. Then, you will use the information on this website to lodge a formal complaint, if you wish.

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