Tavern at the Rocks

Tavern at the Rocks


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Perched among the cliff face and overlooking the Two Rocks marina sits , a family friendly pub and bistro that is deceptively small from the outset.

While still not the biggest venue in the world, the tavern is split into four levels, which is why it appears so small from the first impression. The top level is a dedicated sports bar and TAB, while the third level is a casual bar in which you can enjoy a drink while enjoying the view or take on your mates in a game of pool.

The first and second levels are reserved for dining, and the bottom level has an outdoor dining area which overlooks the marina. Given the second dining level was rather full when we visited, we were seated on the bottom level, which was empty – fine by us, given our 19-month old daughter loves to run amok. We eventually got her settled into a high chair after she'd explored the room and left plenty of grubby fingerprints on the sliding doors. Oops.

Each level has its own dedicated bar, although on the day we visited the bottom bar was closed and our drinks were covered by table service. Our waitress was super-friendly and was prompt with taking our drinks and food orders.

The menu is quite extensive – it's a hybrid of Australian modern cuisine with some quirky international choices in the mix, such as Maple Cardamon Duck, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Asian Salad. There are entrees, burgers, steaks, salads and a selection of mains and sides to choose from, plus desserts.

They also have a kids menu, which has five choices of fish and chips, meatballs, chicken parmi and salad, pizza and cheeseburger and chips. Instead of the healthier options, we chose the fish and chips, which actually turned out to be a good choice, because the fish was absolutely beautiful and really good quality for a kids meal. It was also a very generous portion – easily enough for an adult. The kid's meals are $10 and include a small soft drink.

For some reason, us adults decided to go with an international theme when choosing our mains. I chose the Thai curry, while my sister-in-law opted for the Mexican quesadilla and my husband chose the pork knuckle. Between the two of them, they also decided on a serve of chicken wings with hot sauce – there are four different sauce options to choose from.

The wings weren't overly spicy but did have a bit of a tang to them. There were about ten in a serving and they came with a small portion of aioli.

Considering that this wasn't a Thai restaurant, my Thai curry was pretty darn good regardless. It wasn't overly spicy, which I would expect, and it was packed with fresh flavours, fluffy rice and tasty vegetables.

My sister in law ordered the Mexican quesadilla, a tortilla filled with beef, refried beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream. It was nice enough, but probably could have done with a bit more Mexican tang to spice it up. Still, not being a dedicated Mexican restaurant, it was still appetising. My husband enjoyed the pork knuckle, which was served with delicious kifler potatoes. The meat was light and tender and the pork crackle was just salty enough.

The tavern is open for lunch and dinner every day. The meals are a reasonable price at between $22 and $42 for mains, and we left full and satisfied with our meals. is a great coastal eatery offering friendly service, great meals and fantastic views.

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