Taste The Tradition

Taste The Tradition


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Fri 27 Nov 2015

Pordenone is a tiny city of Northern Italy with an active community full of creativity. Two associations, named respectively, Pordenone International and L'Oppure are committed to organising international events that see the local community involved with the young people who come from abroad.

Pordenone is an important commercial centre as it was the first city to produce household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers above all). Nowadays the city's outskirts are home to technology hubs, start-ups and the rising of cultural and artistic scenarios is quite evident.

Promoting the culinary traditions and sharing them amid a wider audience are some of the objectives of these two organisations. So, I took the chance and I participated to the Taste the Tradition event on Friday, Nov 27, a wine tasting night at Osteria dei Compari, an old tavern located in the city centre.

We sat in a cool private courtyard with a jazz DJ set, dim lights and professional hosts. Pordenone International was in charge of the venue management, while the guys from L'Oppure were responsible of the reception: they choose three different typical wines from our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and they matched them with three dishes. Personally, despite the cold weather, I really enjoyed the ambience!

The food and wine presentation was bilingual: Michelangelo Zigiotti and Michele Nardi explained the products in Italian and Joshua Balduzzi translated in English just after him.

Just an overview of the gourmet combination:
1. Ribolla gialla wine plus toast of Baccalà. The Ribolla is a sparkling wine, very similar to Prosecco, with a wonderful flavour. On the other side, Baccalà is a traditional creamy codfish which finds its origins in the remote Norwegian fjords.

2. Picolit Ner plus Pitina. Picolit is a red wine and Pitina is a meatball-like course made usually with game or a mix of minced sheep and goats meat (it depends from which valley it comes from).

3. Ucelùt plus Biscotto Pordenone. Ucelùt is a white wine, so sweet and strong. The best way to sip it is with sweets and L'Oppure staff reasonably pick Biscotto Pordenone as the ultimate coupling. I have already described this unique Biscotto in one of my article on Gelateria Montereale , but it is nice to taste it again.

If you are coming to Pordenone you can stay up to date with the associations' scheduled events. The websites are written in Italian language, but I assure you all the staff are fluent in English and in other two foreign languages, at least.

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