Taqueria Don Honorio

Taqueria Don Honorio


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The street outside the taqueria is busy with cafes, other traditional restaurants, local parks and corner stores. It is very popular amongst locals and tourists.

This eatery is open seven days a week from 6am to 3pm. It is important to note if you would like to have all the choices on the menu available to order, make your way there for an early lunch as they make everything fresh and they do run out of popular menu items.

Traditional Yucatecan or Mayan food is not the easiest to find in Tulum, as the town caters more to international cuisines, so is really a gold nugget in this town for both locals and tourists looking for traditional food know this.
You can find a variety of delicious slow-roast pork cooked in traditional Mayan methods and with local ingredients.

The most popular dishes are:
Cochinita pibil - this is a pork dish consisting of pork leg marinated in achiote, sour orange (endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula) and herbs. The meat is then wrapped in banana leaves and slow roasted for many hours. The resulting dish is super tender aromatic pork served with brined red onion and habanero sauce.

Lechon al horno spice-marinated baby pork roasted in a stone oven for hours.

Relleno negro - this translates as black stuffing, it is a marinate made from a mixture of burnt chillies, pepper and spices. Traditionally it is used to cook turkey but sometimes you can find a pork or chicken version - all three are delicious. The one served at Don Honorio is the turkey version and it results in a smokey, rich-tasting saucy meat served on a taco or torta with sliced hard-boiled eggs on top.

Poc Chuc - pork pieces marinated with bitter orange and spices and roasted over a coal fire. The flavours of this are similar to Vietnamese lemongrass roasted pork and make a delicious filling for a taco or torta with some fresh lime, habanero sauce and pico de gallo (fresh salsa).

Any of the above popular options can be served on tacos with thick hand-made tortillas, tortas with a ciabatta-type roll or quesadillas with cheese and hand-made tortillas. Customers can also purchase any of these meats by the kilo.

This eatery has taken consideration of its wide customer base and also offers some vegetarian options.

Drinks on offer include sodas, aguas frescas (home made fruit drinks) and local espresso coffee.

The menu also offers house-made flan for dessert.

The place
comes from humble beginnings and has steadily grown throughout the years. It is currently a large family-friendly restaurant with no frills - it is all about the food.

The place is clean and their staff are highly organized to serve the long queue of waiting customers. Once seated, they are prompt to serve you and food arrives fairly quickly too as all the pork stews have been slow cooked hours prior.

Although the decor is basically non existent, eateries such as this do not need it. The ambience is lively with friendly local families and workers, Mexican and international tourists and a general positive atmosphere which is created when people are thoroughly enjoying their food.

The price
With food and service of this quality - one would expect to pay much more;and would happily do so. However, meal prices at this taqueria are very cheap - you can expect to pay around $1.50 AUD per taco, $3.40 AUD for a baguette, $3 AUD for quesadillas and aprox. $2.50 for a soft drink. A full meal for two adults (drinks, dessert and 10% tips included) cost around $17AUD.

It is no wonder locals and tourists repeatedly visit this restaurant for good food at very decent prices.

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