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Posted 2013-04-03 by Sara Ikmalfollow
Dubbed as a 'furniture cafe', Tangerine Living is in the business of serving up food ... as well as furniture. The cafe is part of a row of restaurants and shops that make up the ground level of Metropolitan Square, a set of apartment buildings in Damansara Perdana. I walked past it once on the way to another restaurant, and was intrigued by the large banner outside that proclaimed set lunches and dinners from RM8.90 and RM10.90. It looked like a decent place, and I had to try it out.

There's the option of dining indoors or outdoors here, as there's a nice amount of space outside the entrance with sturdy wooden chairs and tables. Inside, the atmosphere is cosy, with one mirrored wall giving a sense of spaciousness to the interior. The layout is nice though I get this feeling like the restaurant is incomplete - some large wooden planks line one side of the wall and the display at the counter is stark and empty.

I've been to this restaurant three times now for lunch in order to try the lunch set specials. Also available for dinner, the specials come with one main dish and your choice of either a glass of iced lemon tea or hot green tea. The meal pictured above was ordered by my friend. For RM8.90 (not including service charge), I think it was a reasonably sized dish with stew, a fried egg and a serving of rice. I didn't taste it myself though my friend said it was quite alright.

Another friend ordered the spicy Asian pasta. The description on the menu seemed pretty good but I have to admit that it was disappointing. The dish is simply a plate of stir-fried spaghetti. We weren't the only ones surprised by what it actually was - the people at a table nearby had the same reaction during my third visit to the restaurant.

I chose the cheeseburger during my first visit here because I hadn't had one in a while. It took twenty minutes to arrive, but I was very pleased with it. The serving was very generous, with two beef patties, cheese, veggies and a thick, fluffy egg sandwiched between the bread buns. The patties were obviously handmade, as it has that juicy, sort of loose texture you can't get with processed patties.

On my second visit here, I decided to try the Norwegian salmon fillet. It took quite a while to arrive, much longer than the spicy Korean beef stew. The fillet was also much smaller than expected, though for RM10.90, I guess I can't be anticipating much. Cooked in a garlic and capers sauce, the fillet was alright though not as fresh as I would like. The vegetables were okay, and I really enjoyed the butter rice. There were little bits of onion and garlic mixed in with the buttery rice and they were quite generous with it, unlike their serving of salmon fillet.

The teriyaki chicken chop rice from the RM10.90 menu was actually more of a teppanyaki style dish and definitely not the chicken chop I was expecting. Chicken chop would usually be a piece of chicken fillet - not cut up pieces of chicken cooked with vegetables. It was a disappointing find, though the food itself was quite nice. The only thing I didn't like about it was how there was quite a bit of chicken fat in the meat.

So far, I think the cheeseburger was the best value for money. They also seem to have a tendency of listing things in the menu to appear a touch bit fancier than the actual dish, such as the pasta and the supposed chicken chop. I'm curious to try out the dinner menu or maybe something from the main menu for my next visit. I definitely will drop by the restaurant again - it's a nice change of scene, especially if you're working in the area and craving some affordable Western food. The setting is comfortable, and the service is alright albeit a little slow.

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