Tandoori Flames Fine Indian Restaurant, West Footscray

Tandoori Flames Fine Indian Restaurant, West Footscray


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As I drove down Buckley Street I noticed that there were many Indian restaurants. My sister commented that it would take a month of Sundays to eat your way through them. I always like it when the competition is hot. You know that you going to be in for a good meal, but I already knew that because I've had been to Jimmy and the Nameste's other Tandoori Flames restaurant in Kingsville last week.

The first thing you notice when you go into a Tandoori Flames restaurant is that it is not just another local Indian restaurant. Both restaurants have been refurbished in classy red and cream with booth and other seating and large stunning pendants. This restaurant also has an outdoor dining area and a bar that looks like it's from a popular city nightspot.

Namaste and Jimmy's first priority is to serve top class traditional Indian food with a smile. The staff are attentive to ensure your needs are met and tastes are catered for. They are patient and helpful and deliver the food in a speedy fashion. The chefs have vast experience, working in some of the major five star hotels worldwide and they belly dance (It takes me back to my trip to Turkey).

Last time I went to Tandoori Flames I was overwhelmed with the huge menu, so I took the easy option out which was the delicious vegetarian banquet. I was tempted to have this again because I enjoyed it so much, but thought that I should take the opportunity to sample some of the other delectable offerings.

Unfortunately it was too cold to have the charcoal grill table option but this would certainly have been a novel way to have dinner and is worth coming back for. The other option that we nearly took was the Indo Chinese menu, but we ended up having enough to choose from the Indian meals.

We ordered one entrée, two main meals, rice and naan and the total price was around $40. I think this is extraordinary especially given the top quality food. It cost me about the same amount at McDonald's for the kids the other night… and clearly there is no comparison.

We ordered an old favorite with a new twist. The vegetarian samosas had perfect crispy pastry on the outside and filled with lightly spiced potato, green peas at the cost of only $5.90. It was the first time I've ever had samosa served with yogurt and chutney sauces and raw red onion combination. This is vegetarian and vegan.

The other entrée we would tempted to get was the Dahl Bhalla chat which is a fried lentil ball with yogurt and chutney $6.90. This is apparently a very popular item.

The chicken madras was the most expensive meal we ordered at $14.90. This was not an ordinary chicken dish. It's a combination of tender chicken, mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut cream. We loved the sound of the combination of ingredients when we read the menu and this was my sister's favorite when it arrived. She compared it to butter chicken which is also a family favorite. The sauce was absolutely delicious and not too spicy.

My favorite for the night was navrattan korma, which was seasoned mixed vegetables and dry fruit with cashew sauce. It had a huge variety of vegetables including mushrooms, capsicum, peas, carrots, potatoes and delicious tofu. It's listed on the menu is good for beginners. This was only $11.90.

The food cannot be faulted but there are not enough days in the week to eat my way through that lengthy menu. However, I am diligent so I might just try. Tandoori Flames restaurant is the place to visit whether you like Indian or not. You would have to be pretty fussy not to find something that you love.

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