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Posted 2015-05-21 by Sara Ikmalfollow

Feel like you have heard this name before? Well known for its group of ecotourism resorts , Tanah Aina's back to nature accommodations can be found throughout Peninsula Malaysia. Meanwhile, the restaurant in Shah Alam of the same name sits in a more suburban setting, serving fusion cuisine in a spacious and comfy setting. The cafe is managed by the family-run Farhana's Oven.

The interior is awash in calming shades of blue and beige. The bench tables in particular were the focus point of the restaurant - large, sturdy slabs of tree trunk, each piece of furniture was unique. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of those particular tables, as they are lined up against the windows of the restaurant.

My brother ordered the nasi briyani kambing (lamb briyani). The serving was great, the rice warm and savoury, complemented by the juicy, spiced lamb. We are relatively fussy when it comes to briyani, but this one hit the spot. Just typing this is making me hungry.

Meanwhile, my Mama ordered the fried kuey teow, which comes with a bullseye egg, meat and veggies. The presentation was lovely, and I really liked the colours. Mama said it was not bad for Malay-style rice noodles, but I was not fond of the taste.

Instead, I went with the beef burger. They were very generous with the fillings - handmade beef patty with an egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms and onions accompanied by french fries. The patty was delightfully juicy, and the mushrooms went really well with the entire burger. There was so much of it, I had to forgo one of the burger buns, I was too full.

There are a few things to choose from on the desserts menu, and Mama chose the kuih lopes (glutinous rice pieces with coconut shavings and palm sugar) based on her previous visit with a friend. These were really good! Hidden underneath the mound of coconut shavings, the green pieces of kuih lopes are served warm. Coupled with the syrupy sweet gula melaka (palm sugar), you get a delicious combination. Definitely some of the best kuih lopes I've tried.

For other sweet treats, there are also a variety of baked goods and cakes available.

When the time came to call for the bill, it arrived in a beautiful little wooden chest. I just had to take a photo of it - it felt like a nice aesthetic, adding to their restaurant ambience, and a sweet note to end our lunch there.

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