Tamari Restaurant & Lounge

Tamari Restaurant & Lounge


Posted 2012-06-18 by Kristi Ambrosefollow
Originally I had gone to Tamari's in Pittsburgh and it was superb. The first thing you need to know about Tamari is that it's not just some regular restaurant like Max & Erma's or Walnut Grill - it's pretty uptown, but not "snooty" like some of the other restaurants in Pittsburgh. Tamari has three locations, one in Pittsburgh, one in Warrendale and a new one in Wexford. Tamari offers fusion cuisine which is in this case Asian Latin. You are going to find a lot of items on their Sushi and Nigiri menu, but they also offer some really amazing lamb chops, fish and taco menu items as well - for those of us that are not really too adventurous!

When we first visited Tamari in Pittsburgh the food was fantastic. My family all got different food items, but I got the Lobster Mac & Cheese (langostino, smoked gouda, panko, truffle oil). It was probably the best mac and cheese I have had anywhere (including Siba's lobster mac and cheese which is no longer on the menu!). The pasta was done correctly, the cheese was smooth and creamy and the lobster was plentiful. When they opened the one in Wexford, I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately though when you find restaurants like Tamari's that open at various locations, the food tends to go downhill. In this case, that was the exact problem. I got the same Lobster Mac & Cheese at the Wexford location and it was very inconsistent. The pasta was not done correctly, the cheese sauce was very dry, and the lobster, well, there were only a few pieces in there.

It's not like I am buying a $4 meal here either. The Mac & Cheese is about $14 a plate. Definitely NOT the same one I got in Pittsburgh. It's unfortunate that this happened. I will most likely give it another chance, but if I get the same meal I did this time, it is most likely not going to be a place I visit again - at least not in Wexford. Just try to be a little more consistent next time.

Prices: The prices for food at Tamari is going to range at about $6-$16 for Tapas, $13-$30 for Specialty Maki and about $5-$12 for Nigiri and Sushi as well as regular Maki. Tamari also has an interesting Brunch option available that ranges from a Prix Fixe menu to a variety of entrees as well as Mimosas, Blood Mary's and Specialty Maki that range from $2-$22 . It's not exactly a cheap place to eat, but frankly, I don't like cheap places to eat so this works out well for me
Atmosphere**: Really cool and laid back, comfortable and luxurious without seeming pretentious. This is a great place to hang out with friends or go out on a romantic date with your loved one.

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