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Posted 2013-02-02 by Rebeccafollow
We all live hectic lives in this fast pace world. We all search for happiness and balance. One way to help achieve this is through the teachings of the ancient technique of Yoga. For those who do not know much about Yoga, it not only focuses on fitness, but also focuses on balancing the mind and body and bringing them together as one.

After having a year away from all exercise, this week had been pretty big for my fitness levels with me trying out new active hobbies, I was a little nervous to attend my first yoga lesson with Tamara Yoga , at the end of the week. But I pushed through that fear and went along.

On entering the building I could immediately feel the positive energy. The friendly staff, the gentle herbal scents and the relaxing sound track, I knew I had made the right choice about coming and not backing out. I was immediately greeted and made to feel comfortable, then shown around the cosy venue. Upstairs they kept their class equipment and a little shop filled with eco friendly, sustainable sourced and fair trade goodies. I was then helped to the main area where I chose a place on the floor and got myself ready with a few gentle stretches.

The class started with Tamara sharing some of the philosophies of Yoga, and explained that we should not push ourselves during the session. Simply put 'if you are tired then rest'. We then went into the different positions. The idea with the positions of Yoga is to get the balance correct so not to cause injury and to help the energy flow through your body by shifting it around. As the class that I attended was for all levels, there were some positions a little above my capabilities as a beginner, but this is where Tamara would offer alternatives for those who could not achieve a more intermediate/advanced position. The end of the session involved a relaxing guided meditation, where the body and mind would come to rest.

After the class I felt energised and confident. I was excited with how well my hip had gone; initially I was nervous as I had an operation on it two years ago and was told to do no yoga for a year.

As I collected my belongings, Tamara came and asked how I went and felt, and in honesty I was feeling as though I could take on life's challenges. I was definitely won over. I needed to return to something and yoga seemed like a good weekly/fortnightly choice for me. I eagerly asked about how their classes worked and the pricing and after being taken through the basics I found it very affordable for a student.

With over 40 classes available in the week, I can definitely fit Yoga into my constantly changing schedule. They also have weekend getaways available throughout the year (as mentioned in a previous article I wrote). Looks like I have a weekend holiday to start saving for.

If you are looking to start participating in yoga or looking for a new venue, I would recommend attending a class at Tamara Yoga. I am pretty sure the positive energy will have you feeling confident and energised after each session just as it had for myself.

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