Tallangatta Fifites Festival 2014

Tallangatta Fifites Festival 2014


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Sat 25 Oct 2014 - Sun 26 Oct 2014

Back to the Fifties Festival, Tallangatta October 2014

Come to Tallangatta, the last weekend in October, for the Tallangatta Fifties Festival. During this weekend, the township of Tallangatta is Australia's home of Rock and Roll.

During the mid 1950's

During the mid 1950's Frankie J Holden, and the FJ Holden were cruising around town looking for a good night out. The Bodgies and Widgies wore leather and Winkle Pickers. Elvis Presley was shaking his pelvis. 50's chicks wore beehive hairdos, bobby socks, twin sets and scarves.

[Bodgies and Widgies - refers to the youth of the 1950's in Australia and New Zealand, a sub culture of youth, male and female, similar to the rock culture in the United Kingdom and the Grease culture in the United States.refer to a youth subculture that existed in Australia and New Zealand in the 1950s, similar to the rocker culture in the UK or Greaser culture in the United States. The males were called Bodgies and the females were called Widgies.]

During the 50s tupperware parties were in, Bushel's tea was popular, as were red or green laminex tables. The wireless was tuned in to the music of Johnny Young, Lonny Lee, Normie Rowe, Johnny Chester and Little Pattie - to name a few artists of the 50s.

Come to the Fifties Festival in Tallangatta and join thousands of Rock and Roll enthusiasts from all over the country. Experience a weekend of non-stop Rock and Roll, wear your 50s gear and groove the weekend away.

Rock and Roll fans, and 50's enthusiasts from all over Australia will slick their hair back, throw on their blue suede shoes, jump in their Chevy's and head to Tallangatta for a huge Rock and Roll weekend.

What's On

Some of the events happening during this weekend include classic cars, motorcycles, non-stop Rock and Roll dancing, 50s fashion parades, busking, a fifites market, an art show and more.

During the weekend of fun and festivities, you can watch the battle of the bands on Saturday, buskers will be performing and there is much more happening in the township of Tallangatta. You can dine at one of the cafes or hotels in the town. Or grab a takeaway meal and have a picnic on the green triangle lawns opposite the main street - Towong Street.

On Saturday night you can Rock and Roll to the Sydney Band "No Brakes". They start performing at 8.00pm until late. The band consists of four musicians who are passionate about the 50s era, and play with enthusiasm. To book for "No Brakes" performance phone Kevin - 02 60712562 - 0419 614 019, or Maree 02 60712286.

"Honey B and the Stingers" are the show band for Sunday. Listen to the sounds of this authentic rock and roll band. You will be transported to jukebox heaven as they play 50s and 60s music, Sunday morning, from 10.00am. Entry fee is $15.00. MC for the day is Rodney Vincent.

In the town centre, there is Children's Entertainment, street stalls, buskers, dancing, side show, Show N Shine Classic Cars competition and more. Party on all day and most of Saturday night, and into Sunday. Everyone is welcome at the Tallangatta Fifties Festival.

Classic Cars and Bikes

On Sunday October 26th, some of Australia's finest classic cars and motorbikes will gather in the main street of Tallangatta. View the cars, talk to the owners, dream of owning your own classic car, or maybe even buy one, if there's one for sale.

To enter your Classic Car into the Vintage and Classic Cars & Motor Bikes Show N Shine Competition, cars and motor bikes should arrive before noon on Sunday to register.

Fifties Market

At the market stalls you can look through 50s memorabilia, purchase giant lollypops, arts, crafts and household goods. The market stalls are always booked out well in advance. Stall holders who stick to the 1950's theme get priority as their stalls are in keeping with the 50s flavour. Stall holders dress up. You can buy items at 1950's prices. Who wouldn't want to own a pair of Buddy Holly glasses?

On Sunday there is a bake off. The cost to enter is $5.00, and the produce must have a Rock and Roll theme. Judging will be based on taste and presentation.The bake off is sponsored by MJ's Bakery, with vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Tallangatta Fifties Shop

In Tallangatta visit Ray Crispin's 50's History and Heritage Museum. This museum and cinema in the main street depicts all that is 1950s. The museum at 63 Towong Street will be open 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The Tallangatta Rotary Club is proud to announce a strong line up of talent for this year's Fifties Festival on the 25th and 26th October 2014. The Tallangatta Fifties Festival has been an icon for fifties Rock and Roll for a number of years. In 2014 visitors can watch two acts take to the stage over a weekend of pure Rock and Roll.

Turning Back The Time

Tallangatta will be turning back time this weekend, October 25th and 26th. Turning back time has always been a theme for Tallangatta. In the 1950s the whole town of Tallangatta had to move, lock, stock and barrel. The original site of Tallangatta was to become flooded due to the rising waters of lake Hume.

In 1954 the old town of Tallangatta was moved to its present location, so that the Hume Weir could increase its holding capacity. This meant that the old site of the town would be flooded.

The new town of Tallangatta was officially opened in June 1956. The Tallangatta 50s Festival is held in October / November each year to commemorate the moving of the entire town.

All the homes that could be moved were jacked up, put onto trucks and moved about 8 kms to the present site. The site where Tallangatta now stands was originally farm land owned by the Butler family. Tallangatta now sits on this farm land, overlooking the Hume lake.

Tallangatta is located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Hume in North East Victoria - 40 kms from Albury / Wodonga. The town today still resembles a typical town from the 50s era. The Lakeside town normally has a population of 1000, however during the 50s Festival the number increases to over 5000.

I hope you rock over to Tallangatta this weekend, with your dance shoes on, and have a great weekend of dancing and entertainment.

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