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Table Mountain Abseil - Abseil Africa


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Table Mountain Abseil is the brain child of Abseil Africa, which is the leader in outdoor abseiling and mountain adventures in Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain Abseil is the world's original and highest commercial abseil and is a hugely rewarding experience.

With this adventure you will step of the top of Table Mountain, at 1000 metres above sea level and rappel into pure vertical space with the joy of amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Town surrounds.

My twin sister and I chose this adrenaline rush for our birthday and with a 112 metre controlled descent of the side of Table Mountain that I can only describe as a series of emotions with an initial rush of adrenaline, fear, then awe and finally a huge sense of achievement and lasting memories – not to mention the photographic evidence!

The abseil off Table Mountain occurs daily although weather permitting. My sis and I chose to book ahead of time for a midday descent although the company readily encourages visitors to make your way to the top and introduce yourself to the team.

After signing the usual waivers the staff at Abseil Africa guide you through the process on solid ground and ensure all safety gear is fixed and comfortable. Once you are fully trussed you are lead to the launch platform where other happy staff members are ready to anchor you to the rock of Table Mountain. My sister and I, although on our own lines, went down at the same time. A quick photo shoot and off we went. The initial steps you literally walk backwards off the rock and find yourself with your feet on Table Mountain facing the sky above. You are then advised to kick off the wall in little bounces as you lower yourself down at the same time. And then, well I don't want to ruin the big surprise but this is one experience not to be missed!

The team at abseil Table Mountain work between the hours of 10.00am to 15.00pm daily but always best to check with them the day of your abseil just in case weather causes delays or cancellations.

The cost of this adventure is R595 with a signed certificate of your experience and a photo on their website .

A truly incredible experience.

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