Sydney's Best Beaches for Snorkelling

Sydney's Best Beaches for Snorkelling


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Most Sydneysiders only get to see the beach from the sand, but very few experience the wonders of our underwater world. You don't need to be a certified scuba diver to see what goes on beneath the surface. Simply rent or buy snorkelling gear and go exploring.

If this is your first time snorkelling, there are a few things you should know about;

Prevent snorkel mask from fogging by cleaning it with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Scrub it in hot water and rinse it. Use anti-fog every time you snorkel. You can either buy an anti-fog product and spray it in your mask or use a mild solution of baby shampoo and water.

Spend a bit more money and get a dry snorkel or at least a snorkel with a splash guard. A dry snorkel has a special valve on top that seals shut when your snorkel goes underwater.

[ADVERT]Ensure you get fins that fit properly – they should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Before heading to the beach, it's a good idea to try your gear on and have a little practice in a pool or calm shallow sandy beach. That way you can make adjustments to your mask and practice purging your snorkel of water by blowing hard to force the water out.

If you find your mask is leaking, make sure your hair is not under the skirt of the mask or that the mask is not too tight or loose.

The trick with snorkelling is to stay relaxed and calm and breathe as you normally do. Swim slowly and for safety, make sure you have a snorkelling buddy with you.

Before you take off to the beach, read these Snorkelling Tips and check out Snorkel Safari website

There are over 500 species of sea life in the harbour including seadragons, cuttlefish, seahorses, octopi, blue swimmer crabs, pygmy leatherjackets, Port Jackson sharks, starfish, blue groper and many many more. Here are some great Sydney beaches, which are ideal for snorkelling.

Shelly Beach
Bower Street, Manly

North Bondi Beach
Campbell Parade, North Bondi

Clontarf Reserve
Sandy Bay Road, Clontarf

Balmoral Beach
The Esplanade, Mosman

Chowder Bay
Morella Road, Mosman

Collins Flat
Collins Beach Road, Manly

Manly Cove
West Esplanade, Manly

Little Manly Beach
Stuart Street, Manly

Chinamans Beach
Parriwi Road, The Spit

Bare Island & Congwong Beach
Anzac Parade, La Perouse

Gordons Bay
Gordon Avenue, Coogee

Shiprock Road, Dolans Bay

Camp Cove
Victoria Street, Watsons Bay

Oak Park
Ewos Parade, Cronulla

Clovelly Beach
Eastbourne Avenue, Clovelly

Once you get the taste of this exciting world, you may want to take it to the next level and book in for scuba diving lessons with Abyss or Pro Dive Sydney

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