Inner-Sydney Street-Art Secrets

Inner-Sydney Street-Art Secrets


Posted 2014-05-05 by Telani Kumarfollow
Everywhere you go across the city and the suburbs you will see pieces of graffiti. Often these come from people making a mark of the fact they've visited, and many aren't overly eye-catching. Here, however, are a few pieces that I've come across that go to show that there is more artistic potential to street-art than we may often think.

1. St. Peter's train station

Walk out of St Peter's train station, in the direction of Princes Highway and Sydney Park, and you will see what I am talking about. A vibrant graffiti mural covers the walls running alongside the two walkways that'll be before of you. Check out a snippet of this.

2. Darley Lane, Erskineville

Now, if you head in the opposite direction to this from St. Peter's station (i.e. toward Newtown), you will find some cool surprises upon the side-street walls. If you are walking along the Princes Highway in the direction of Newtown, you will notice on your left a 'Darley Street'. This isn't the street of interest here, but you should take note of this because the next lane that'll be on your left is what you will be amazed by.

Check out this exotic work of art on the wall of a spice shop.

3. Chippendale, off Abercrombie St.

I first discovered the street masterpieces of Chippendale last spring during the Beams art festival (for more info on this, check out my previous article ). In fact I was there, a witness to the creation of the giant and rather intricate pink portrait. I was in the area again last night and noticed that this now seems to be a permanent part of the quaint lane-ways that make up this small inner city suburb.

There is a niche wine and cheese bar next to this artwork on Teggs Lane (I will have to give this a taste and a review soon). I noticed that there are also some colourful patterns and pictures painted upon the walls of this place. I think these may be changing too. I just searched Teggs Lane up on Google Street View to confirm this is where I was, and it looks as though there is a different piece of wall-art to what I saw last night. Here's what I saw:

4. Sydney University Graffiti Tunnel

Imagine walking through an alley where the walls, the floors, the stairs and the rails are all covered in vibrant spray-paint. Sydney University is the place where you can see this first-hand. This is not so much of a secret to me anymore since I study here, however everytime I walk through this short-cut between the Manning and Holme Buildings, I am in awe of the collage of colours that it has become. The place is one of Sydney's 'legal walls', meaning that anyone can paint anything in here at anytime, without the worry of being hassled by police or security. The only thing that is frowned upon is art which may be offensive in nature.

So here you have just a small collection of impressive pieces of graffiti that lie within Sydney's inner city. I will keep you Weekendnotes readers posted on more street art that I find - after all, many of these remain unknown. Let this also inspire you to keep an eye out for the walls of side-streets that you may pass. You may be surprised with something eye-catching, something dazzling, or something that is just a little cooler than the spray-paint markings that we go past everyday.

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