Sydney Film Festival 2014

Sydney Film Festival 2014


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Wed 04 Jun 2014 - Sun 15 Jun 2014


Sydney will get a taste of Hollywood this June when the Sydney Film Festival returns for its 61st year. As part of Vivid Ideas, the festival will show 183 films from 47 countries with 15 World Premieres, 122 Australian Premieres and 6 International Premieres.

The Sydney Film Festival brings people together to share stories, feel emotions, and to find ourselves. Nashen Moodley (Festival Director) says:
"Together in the dark, comedies are funnier, horror films are scarier, tender moments bring tears more readily, everything we feel is amplified by the power of the shared experience."

Photo supplied by Sydney Film Festival%%)." wrap="0" title="Sydney Film Festival State Theatre" margin="5"]

When a film is projected from a single roll of film, it can be a very powerful thing for audiences.

Chris Freeland, the Festival Chairman, says the festival has the power to take us to new places:
"Creating a community for filmmakers to collaborate, create, inspire, and engage with one another is critical, along with those twelve days in June when we can all disappear into the darkness and be transported somewhere else through the magic of the film."

Photo courtesy of Sydney Film Festival%%)." wrap="0" title="State Theatre" margin="5"]

There are so many films to see and activities to take part in at the Sydney Film Festival. Read more to find out!

[SECTION]Opening Night of the [/SECTION]

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons- Author: Yves Lorson%%)." wrap="0" title="Nick Cave" margin="5"]

The festival will open with the Australian Premiere of 20,000 Days on Earth at the State Theatre from 7:30pm on 4th June.

This film is an exciting drama-documentary on what is literally Nick Cave's 20,000th day on Earth. The movie follows the music icon along as he visits his archive and shows a long and revealing session with his therapist.

In the film, we see how Nick Cave writes and records his hit album 'Push the Sky Away' and we bear witness to some intriguing conversations between Cave and other musicians including Kylie Minogue, Ray Winstone, and Warren Ellis.

And after the screening, there will be an opening night after-party at Keystone's Bungalow 8 on King Street Wharf. It's your chance to mingle and rub shoulders with other guests and film industry personalities as you sip wines, cocktails, canapes and ales by the Harbour. But if you intend to go, get in as quick as possible as Night Gala 2014 - 20%2C000 Days on Earth&s=29 tickets are limited.

[SECTION]Sydney Film Prize[/SECTION]

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons- Author: Angela George%%). " wrap="0" title="Guy Pearce" margin="5"]

The Sydney Film Prize is the most prestigious award offered at the Sydney Film Festival. It recognises cutting-edge cinema and films that have brought something new to the film sphere. The winner will be announced on the closing night of the festival and will receive a $60,000 cash prize.

You can find a whole guide on the 12 films that are nominated by clicking here which includes their showing dates and times.

But I'll also show you a few movie trailers from some of the nominees;


Fish & Cat

The Rover

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson will be introducing the Australian Premiere of their film The Rover along with the director David Michod at the State Theatre on Saturday 7th June. And they will also be giving a talk with producer Liz Watts with more details to be announced in the next few weeks.

[SECTION]The Dendy Awards for Short Films.[/SECTION]

Ten short films will be competing for three prizes; the Dendy Live Action Short Award, the Yoram Gross Animation Award and the Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director. These will be handed out on the Closing Night of the Festival and this year's winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize.

All films from the finalists will be screened together in one session on Saturday 14th June at 3:50pm or on Sunday 15th June at 11am. These sessions will be held at Event Cinemas on George Street in the CBD.

The Dendy Awards have launched fantastic careers for its winners including Jane Campion, Phillip Noyce and Ivan Sen.

For a list of the nominees (and to buy tickets), please click here .

Here are a few of the trailers of some of the films;

The iMom

Crochet Noir

[SECTION]Documentary Australia Foundation Award[/SECTION]

Documentaries are made to inform you about an issue or figure that is done so in a captivating way. And this year, all of the nominees for the Documentary Australia Foundation Award have done so on a range of topics.

There's a documentary on the changing tides of Chinese culture, a film on the establishment of an indigenous theatre right in the heart of political street protests in Redfern, a profile documentary on filmmaker Michael White whose film resume includes Monty Python and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and many more documentaries .

Ukraine is not a brothel

The Last Impressario

China's 3Dreams

And a variety of international documentaries will also be shown including Nelson Mandela: Myth & Me, Dinosaur 13 and much more .

The Documentary Australia Foundation Award will also be presented on Closing Night and the winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize.

[SECTION]People's Choice Awards (Foxtel)[/SECTION]

The Foxtel Movies Audience Awards will be handed to the most popular feature-length films of the festival and you can have a say in who wins! All you need to do is simply rate a film that you've just seen at the Festival by using the Foxtel Movies app or SMS based voting system.

[SECTION]A collection of Feature Films and Special Presentations.[/SECTION]

Photo courtesy of Quick Hit" wrap="0" title="The Captive" margin="5"]

The Sydney Film Festival will also host many special presentations this June. Some of these films feature big stars like Ryan Reynolds in The Captive, Keira Knightley and Adam Levine in Begin Again, and Zach Braff in Wish I Was Here where he had three roles in the film; director, producer and actor. If you are interested, click here to see a full guide.

Cate Blanchett (the voice of Valka) will also introduce a special screening of Dreamworks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon 2 at Event Cinemas George Street on Monday 9th June at 2pm. A ticket will cost you $20 and you may click here to book if interested.

There will also be a showing of 41 feature films during the Festival which have been made and produced in over 20 countries including France, Germany, U.S.A, and Brazil just to name a few:

[SECTION]Revisiting a rebel, a horror franchise, and the grounds of Hiroshima[/SECTION]

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons- Author: Warner Bros. publicity still for for the film Rebel Without a Cause%%). " wrap="0" title="James Dean " margin="5"]

This year, the will be revisiting old cinema classics.

You can watch Rebel Without A Cause, the 1955 film that helped make James Dean a cultural icon in his time and even to this day. It may be fair to say that this film helped audiences question the values of it's day. Click here for more information on this iconic film.

The Blacktown Skyline Drive-In Movie Theatre will be screening of one of the most terrifying films ever made, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For those that are unfamiliar with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie , it's a story of five young friends who are terrorized by a family of cannibal psychopaths. However, if you are easily deterred by gore, this film might not be for you.

Hiroshima, Mon Amour is the third of four classics that will be shown during the festival. It's a story about a Hiroshima architect and a French actress who fall in love in Hiroshima: a city restored from the devastation of World War II. But the couple remain haunted by their memories of the war and must reconcile their fears as they remain in each other's arms. Tickets for this classic film are available on the . website .

And the final film to be shown is the 1964 Indian film Charulatha. In the film , Amal is caught in a love triangle. Her husband encourages her to befriend a poet so that she can fulfil her ambitions of writing literature. But Amal and the poet develop chemistry and the plot moves towards a rather unexpected climax.

The will also be screening a selection of films by Robert Altman including M*A*S*H and 3 Women. The festival will pay tribute to this very influential filmmaker who made films of so many genres and brought us some of the biggest hit TV shows including Bonanza and Alfred Hitchcock Presents

[SECTION]A Deluge of Freaky Films[/SECTION]

Photo supplied by My Scary Blog%%). " wrap="0" title="Willow Creek" margin="5"]

There will be films that will give you the thrills, the chills, stories that may leave you in shock, and everything else in between. Freak Me Out brings you the very best in extreme cinema with films of crazy zombies, psychos and a lurking bigfoot. Here are just some of the films that you can view:

Dead Snow 2: Red VS Dead

Stage Fright

Willow Creek

[SECTION]China: Rebels, Ghosts and Romantics[/SECTION]

The Private Life of Fen Fen': one of the Chinese films in the festival (Photo courtesy of Vimeo: Lesley Tai%%). " wrap="0" title="Sydney Film Festival" margin="5"]

The Sydney Film Festival will also pay homage to Chinese cinema this year. Bear witness to the country's beauty but also its ongoing problems through the lens of seven films including Beijing Ants, which depicts the challenges of finding affordable places to live in China due to its high property values due to its prosperity.

Up In The Wind is a film about a Chinese journalist who finds spiritual comfort in the lands of Nepal. It suggests that a sense of meaning is often lost in the process of acquiring prosperity.

[SECTION]Food, Music and Television[/SECTION]

There are many other styles of films that you may see at the Sydney Film Festival including the Gourmet Cinema. Here, you can eat a delicious meal and also enjoy the screening of either one of two films all in the one price!

There are two deals on offer for the Gourmet Cinema ;

A showing of the film The Lunchbox at Event Cinemas on George Street which celebrates food and romance in Mumbai.. This will then be followed by a multi-course meal at glass brasserie with an Indian inspired menu designed by Luke Mangan (top Australian chef). If you do decide to come along, be sure to make it in before 6pm when the film starts. Tickets cost $130 per person with the film, dinner, and drink per course all included.

A dinner at Gowings Bar & Grill from 6pm with a menu exclusively designed by the Creative Food Director Rob Marchetti with palettes to share and sample. Once the tasting ends, a screening of The Two Faces Of January will be shown at the State Theatre. The cost of a ticket will be $98 per person and it covers the movie and dinner.

And you can also tap your feet to the rhythms of the beat by attending one of the music films at Sounds on Screen. Here, you can see rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Pulp tell their stories to the camera through the power of music:

For a guide on more music films to see, click here .

And finally, the Sydney Film Festival is your chance to watch TV programs on the big screen such as Babylon and the ]Devil's Playground. You can read up more on this by visiting the Box Set .

[SECTION]Fun, Film Talks and Trivia Frenzy! [/SECTION]

Photo courtesy of the Sydney Film Festival%%)." wrap="0" title="Sydney Film Festival" margin="5"]

If you ever feel like taking a break from attending screenings, you can chill out in the Festival Hub at Sydney Town Hall (enter from downstairs at Druitt Street). Sit on one of the comfy lounges and sip a drink from the Festival Bar inside. And you may also participate in the many free activities on offer in The Hub;

Foxtel Movies Photo and Video Booth: Record a 30 second video review of a Festival Film to win a Flexipass 30 to attend the Festival in 2015.
Try some delicious Gelato desserts from the Gelato Messina cart between 5th-8th June and on 13th-14th June.
Talk with one of the Program Gurus for recommendations on what films best suit your tastes.
A Film Club where people are invited to come along on 6th-14th June and provide their opinions on the films shown at the festival
Film Trivia and much more. . .


Vladimir Viewing Experience:: On the 7th June, Attendees are given a viewer and a set of disks and are led through a story by a soundtrack presented with narration and music.The Australian Centre for the Moving Image asks attendees to pay $10 to participate.
A range of panels and talks on a wide variety of issues in film including women in film (7th June), representations of psychadelia (6th June), how to review a film (8th June), a panel on whether documentaries can change the world (9th June), a talk on horror movies and whether people still take the genre seriously (13th June) and much more!
A panel talk with the finalists of the Dendy Awards at 2-3:30pm on the 15th June.

For more information, please visit the Festival Hub page.

[SECTION]Meet and greet with the filmmakers and actors.[/SECTION]

This is your chance to meet the filmmakers, producers, directors and actors of some of the films at the Apple Store Sydney. Meet Ellar Coltrane (young actor) and Cathleen Sutherland (producer) from the film Boyhood at 3-4pm on the 7th June.

Kasimir Burgess (director) and Matt Noble (actor) of the Sydney Film Prize nominee, Fell will be greeting fans at the Apple Store at 2-3pm on 14th June.

You can also mingle with Australian director Gracie Otto who directed The Last Impressario and French-born filmaker Frederic Tcheng (filmmaker of Dior and I) at 2-3pm on 15th June.

[SECTION]Closing Night of the [/SECTION]

What We Do In The Shadows' (Photo courtesy of" wrap="0" title="What We Do In The Shadows" margin="5"]

The festival will draw to a close after 12 Days with an awards ceremony at 8pm in the State Theatre that will honour the winners of the Sydney Film Prize, Dendy Awards, the Documentary Australia Foundation Award, and the Event Cinemas Award for Australian Short Screenplay.

And the film that will close the festival after the awards ceremony is Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's NZ Film What We Do In The Shadows. It's a mockumentary film about a house of vampires who do all the things that we do; pay the rent, argue about who should do household chores, and forging their way into nightclubs. They're just like humans except with two fundamental differences: they're immortal and they love to feast on human blood.

Check out the funny trailer below:

A ticket to get into the closing night will cost you $28 (If you have a concession, the price is reduced to $25) and spots can be booked online or over the phone by calling 1300 733 733.


If you are keen on seeing multiple films at the Sydney Film Festival, you can buy Flexipasses. A Flexipass 10 grants you 10 adult tickets, a Flexipass 20 gives you 20 adult tickets and a Flexipass 30 permits you to use 30 adult tickets. Further information about ticketing can be found here .

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