Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival 2019


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Sat 17 Aug 2019 - Sun 25 Aug 2019

The award-winning Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival is back again in 2019. It will be a festival which is all about food, flowers and feeling good.

You can get your Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival tickets now and secure a spot for an experience of a lifetime. You may be looking for serenity, a day in the garden, a place for the children or grandparents, either way, we've got you covered.

Take a selfie among the blossoms, devour delicious Japanese foods and explore the natural wonders of forest bathing!

Cumberland Council is running this festival of ticketed Hanami (flower viewing) for its annual Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival.

The scenery is spectacular but it isn't the only thing that there is to do. Over the two weekends of the festival, you'll be able to see a lot of Japanese entertainment. There'll be guided shinrin-yoku or forest bathing therapy in the gardens, Japanese blues music and ikebana, which is the art of flower arrangement, and workshops.

There will also be a cinema dedicated to one of Japan's most popular characters Gudetama (Lazy Egg), and Hello Kitty makeovers and stage shows.

Also this year, the food will be better than it has been before. As well as being able to eat through an array of Japanese food trucks, you will also be able to try many of cherry blossom-inspired eats. Former Masterchef Australia winner Adam Liaw will be creating a Cherry Blossom Festival Bento Box for the occasion.

A pop-up izakaya will also sell some sake and Japanese craft beer, and Sydney's Sakeshop will be selling limited cups of Hanamikura Aya sake. This is made from the cherry blossom flower.

Below are the 9-day list of events, activities, foods and more and this Cherry Blossom Festival will be great fun in the beauty of the blossoms.

[b]Festival Days and Dates[/b]
The 2019 Sydney Blossom Festival will be commencing on Saturday 17th August and continuing on to Sunday 25th August 2019. It will be held at the Auburn Botanic Gardens, Raglan Street, which will be open from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. You can get your tickets at this link. Tickets for residents of Cumberland Council and children under 16 are free. Proof of age or residential address will be required.

There are different themes and entertainment for weekends and weekdays so make sure you pick out the days that you will like the best.

[b]Hanami Weekend 1 - Saturday 17th August[/b]
Enjoy the full Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival experience at Hanami weekends.

[b]Hanami Weekend 1 - Sunday 18th August[/b]
Enjoy the full Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival experience at Hanami weekends.

[b]Serenity - Monday 19th August[/b]
A day of quiet reflection with self-guided garden tours and guided forest therapy sessions.

[b]Garden Day with Costa - Tuesday 20th August[/b]
Join Gardening Australia's Costa for a jam packed gardening day.

[b]Kids Day - Wednesday 21 August[/b]
A fun day for the little ones and their parents to see the blossoms.

[b]Seniors Day - Thursday 22nd August[/b]
A free day for seniors to experience the blossoms. A big line-up for seniors includes traditional Japanese musical performances, flower demonstrations, Japanese tea ceremonies and Kimono photo dress-ups, as well as beautiful Haiku readings.

[b]Lets Japan - Friday 23rd August[/b]
Perfect for school group excursions – an educational day about Japan. Presented by Japan Foundation.

[b]Hanami Weekend 2nd - Saturday 24th August[/b]
Enjoy the full Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival experience at Hanami weekends.

[b]Hanami Weekend 2nd - Sunday 25th August[/b]
Enjoy the full Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival experience at Hanami weekends.

As this will only be two weeks of the year, make sure you book the things you want to see, otherwise, you will have to wait another year to see the delightful flowers!

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