Sydney Beaches

Sydney Beaches


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Sydney beaches are some of the best in the world. After a day of work and navigating your way through the traffic and people of the ever busy and ever lively city of Sydney, the beach is an inviting place to shed the attire of a corporate week in exchange for bathers, a towel, fresh air and pure laid back relaxation Australian style..

The beach being the ultimate escape, adventure, relaxation spot or a lifegiving source to explore, rejuvenate and replenish what has been used up in the working week

Beaches such as Bondi, Manly, Coogee, Crunulla and the Northern Beaches are havens for those who live and work in Sydney. The views specatular, the fresh ocean air, the big waves and the ocean pools. I remember watching a well groomed business type practically hit the beach running, changing swiftly into his wetsuit and happily greeting the waves. I liked that movement from the restrictive business culture to the free spirit of the surfer.

Theres something diffinatively Sydney about the ocean beaches of NSW that make them different than other Australian Beaches. Bondi and Manly immediately create images reminiscent of the "Bodysurfers." Big waves, open skys, people swimming, surfing, sunning and smiling.

Bondi Beach is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It is a mecca for beach goers. A tourist beach that attracts over a million visitors each year. There is that huge lawn area and the big wall that can make headline news with its social commentary. The "No War" graffiti on the wall a few years ago had a significant impact upon many. along with that sign were some banners flying from exclusive balconies. These messages seemed to represent that the view was held by many Sydneysiders from all walks of life.

There is the Bondi Icebergers , the Bondi iceburgers pool , the famous Bondi cafes and pubs.The Bondi markets too, which are great fun for a Sunday stroll with a mixture of retro and boutique styles that is par none.If you like fresh air and art, there are the Bondi Beach Sculptures that are something quite special to experience.

One of the must does of a visit to Bondi is the Bondi to Coogee walk. If you climb the cliff along from the Bondi Iceburgers, you begin a trek along the cliffs and beachfronts of Bronte and Turrumurra towards Coogee. Its a good 6 kilometer walk and worth it in summer, winter spring or autumn.

Further south, there are beaches like Mauruba and Coogee. If you are looking for bush walking to suppliment your beach trip, then a visit to the Royal National Park is one that cannot be missed.

Once you've done the Bondi to Coogee or even before you get to Bondi, there is the trip to the South Head that will lead you to look out across the Harbour towards North Head and Manly.

Theres a bus that goes via Rose Bay through to Bondi from Sydney. You can take the bus and stop off at places like South Head and look across to the Harbour and out to sea. Its an inexpensive and fun trip that takes in many of the tourist sights as you go. (This is not the tourist bus - you can buy a ticket for that and it takes you many more places than just the beach.) Its part of the normal Sydney transport system .

Manly Beach, sits just beyond the Northern Head to the Harbour, is reacheable by ferry or road. Its a great beach to visit on a weekend and has great waves. The ferry from Circular Quay is a relaxing and visual journey. Once there, you stroll up across Manly Plaza and in front of you is the main beach. Theres a great weekend market at Manly too.

On a weekend, Manly Beach is often full of swimmers, sunbakers, surfers, people eating at beachside cafes and others jogging, cycling and walking. You can even learn to surf at Manly or Bondi.

You can always stroll around to the quiet and shaded Shelley beach to the south of the main beach. Further towards Sydney Harbour is North Head and the Quarantine Station that has amazing accomodation for all travellers.

At the northern end of Manly beach sits a rock pool that is great to do laps in. This is one aspect of Sydney beaches that I love. The beach pools that sit next to, above or almost in the sea.

Beaches, Sydney beaches in summer filled with life and in winter a wonderful place to walk, jog, run or just breath in and connect your skin to the feel of the weather.

Further still is Palm Beach, which sits right on the edge of the North Shore, with luxury housing and expensive shacks. Theres a ferry that will take you across the Pittwater to the Basin, where now expensive beach shacks and camping grounds sit with aboriginal rock art carved deeply in the stone that tells you who might have claim to this exclusive realestate.. Theres the Barrenjoey Head that Katherine Hepburn visited whilst in Sydney in the 1950's that has that far away romantic feel.

If you venture even further north, you will find places like Port Stephens and the magical Byron Bay.

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