Swell Sculpture Festival

Swell Sculpture Festival


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Fri 08 Sep 2023 - Sun 17 Sep 2023

Swell Sculpture Festival is Queensland’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition. Over seventy art installations are placed on the beautiful Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast. Swell attracts many visitors to experience nature and the extraordinary artistic and cultural connection.

A Rant, by Christopher Trotter, Queensland. The artist is well known for his works of art made up of recycled materials, especially metals. The strange sculpture stands out for its vivid red, some bits stick out resembling sort of limbs, one holding a stop sign and the other holding a pot with a real plant. You may wonder if this is a robot and if this mechanical creature has a purpose. Maybe it wants to say that no matter how technology has a dominant part in our lives, humans still depend on nature to survive.

Every year, local, national and international artists, prepare great sculptures inspired by different themes, including social concerns, pollution, the concept of time, and emotions, producing collective awareness.

Washed Ashore, by FE Heffernan, New South Wales. This installation intends to raise awareness about marine pollution. The sculpture resembles a jellyfish, made up of hundreds of plastic bottles. The artist wants to engage the viewers in thinking about consumer choices and what to do with plastic bottles once they are discarded. Jellyfish are very old creatures that have lived in the oceans prior to the dinosaurs. Plastic is polluting the seas and the coastlines interfering with the lives of many marine creatures. Waste reduction and recycling are ways to minimize the impact of human rubbish on the environment.

Sculptures can be seen in a different way at each time of the day, creating startling moments at dawn, sunset and night. At sunset, Currumbin Beach transforms into a dazzling incredible place, with the sculpture coming alive with lights, creating a unique atmosphere.

Treasure, by Michelle Le Plastrier, Tessa Bergan, Queensland, top left. Wheelie Blossoms, by Harmony Linthorne, Queensland, top right. Dune Daisy, by Dearne Dettrick, Queensland, bottom left. Reminisce Surfers Sixty One, by Trent Paul Firmin, Queensland, bottom right.

Swell is a free outdoor sculpture exhibition for everyone, set up in a unique natural environment. People can walk on the sand, with the ocean in the background and with the infinite blue sky of Queensland.

Ultramarine, by Parthenopi, New South Wales. This sculpture represents a blue-ringed octopus, made up of discarded bits of plastic. The installation blends in with the environment.

All the senses are switched on by the unique sculptures set up against the sun. Great moments and great memories are created. Swell brings the community together, out in the sun, near the sea; Swell brings people and artists together in the same place. Artists and people from different parts of the world can find each other in Currumbin Beach, on the iconic Gold Coast, sharing emotions and knowledge.

Currumbin Alley Sirens, by Charlie Trivers, New South Wales. This sculpture is inspired by coastal sandstone formations that are naturally carved by erosion.

Swell and Children.

Swell is a fantastic experience for children. They are the best viewers and can certainly appreciate the works of art. Some sculptures offer very interactive experiences, allowing kids to walk inside, to run or to peering inside the sculpture.

The Words We Never Spoke invite the visitors to write messages about what burdens them, what they find hard to say, they can write it down. This interactive exhibit allows the viewers to write a letter and post it in the letter boxes. The pigeons represent transformation, compassion and freedom. Pigeons are known to be able to carry messages. Children are easily involved in this activity.

The Words We Never Spoke, by F.I.R.S.T Inc, Foundation for Independence Recreation and Social Training Inc, by Cherryl Baker in collaboration with 30 Artists.

%%The Seabed, by Glen Duncan, South Australia. The seaweeds are made of aluminium and they move with the wind resembling the seaweed at the bottom of the sea.

Satellite Swell.

Swell is so important for the community that it extends to other areas of the Gold Coast, including Pacific Fair.

Trumpet Flowers, by Amigo Amigo. A giant musical garden has been created at Pacific Fair. There are 27 trumpet flowers from two to six meters tall in the garden, towering over the visitors. The garden of trumpet flowers is a multi-sensory playground of sound and light, inviting visitors to create sound through touch and the arrangement of flowers to bloom in a colourful display of dancing light.

For more information about the Satellite Swell, follow the link:


Swell and Dogs.

Dogs are allowed at Swell on a leash. The sculptures can be viewed from the footpath and on the beach. Dogs are not allowed 200 metres from the flags of the patrolled area.
Please clean after your dog and dispose of the waste properly in the rubbish bins.

Pop up Tents.

Along the footpath on Jubilee Walk in Currumbin Beach, there are a few pop-up tents where the visitors can pick up the Swell program for $6. The money from the sale supports next year's Swell. When you buy the program, you have the opportunity to vote for your favourite sculpture in the People’s Choice Award.

The volunteers can help with different information about the SWELL: kids activities, SWELL Fringe, SWELL Smalls, masterclasses, twilight sculpture walks artist talks and more.
Most of the sculptures exhibited at the Swell can be purchased. There are also raffle tickets on sale.

Swell started in 2003 and since then has been running with the invaluable contribution of volunteers.

Food and Drinks.

When it comes to food and drinks there are many options available. Pack your picnic basket, take with you the picnic blanket and enjoy the outstanding place.

In Currumbin, there are cafes, restaurants and food trucks. Currumbin Vikings Surf Life Saving Club offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nearby is The Salt Mill Café, Barefoot Barista Currumbin, Tommy's Pizza, Sanctuary Cafe at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Currumbin Village Store.

There are Ice Cream Trucks at SWELL and Food Trucks in Wallace Nicoll Park at SWELL: The Spanish Catering, The Banger Bar, Sea Viche, Ka Bao, Hole Bagel and Daisy Days Coffee Cart.

Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club. Image credit https://www.facebook.com/currumbinbeachvikings/


Pacific Parade, Currumbin, Queensland 4223, Australia.

%%Circus in the Suburbs, by Russell Solomon, Queensland. This sculpture reminds the visitors of the importance of play. Magpies are swinging from the laundry, whimsically playing with each other. The installation represents childhood memories of the artist when swinging on the Hills Hoist in an Australian backyard.



%%Fork'N'Australian Animals, by Walclay Horacek and Ben Wilkinson, Queensland. The eagle is about to catch the carpet python. The sculpture is cleverly made of knives, forks and spoons overlapping each other.

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