Sushi Arigato Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Arigato Japanese Restaurant


Posted 2013-05-12 by S.D. Kreuzfollow
If you're looking for cheap sushi, then Sushi Arigato is the place for you. They have a weekend special between 2:30pm - 4:30pm where all plates are $2.80 on the conveyor belt. Variety isn't huge during the specials, but for the price, it's still pretty good and the serving size is large for what you're paying. At other times you're looking at $2.80 to $6.80 for a plate of sushi, with most falling into the $2.80-$3.80 mark.

The decor is simple and the space small, but practical, with stools lining either side of a conveyor that circulates sushi around the restaurant. There is a seated table area for those who want a more conventional seating arrangement, though this takes away from the novelty of eating at a sushi train.

If you want something more substantial for a meal, you can order off the menu, which they have updated recently to encompass a wider selection. Choose from dishes like a Pork Katsu, Yakisoba or Teriyaki Beef and on a cold day go for the Udon or Ramen to keep you warm. Lunch deals are also available and can be good value, offering a main dish and three plates from the conveyor.

After your main, try some green tea or sesame ice cream. The cornflakes at the bottom of the bowl are an odd touch, but they do add a bit of a crunch to the dessert.

Located at Eastwood Village (Shop 11, 11 Progress Avenue, Eastwood), this restaurant is tucked away a couple of shops from the fruit vendor on the corner. Parking can be difficult during the day and on weekends due to the nature of being in Eastwood, but if you can find a spot, there is an undercover parking lot nearby or street parking on adjoining streets.

This is the place to go if you're looking for cheap sushi, but it's not recommended if you want a mind-blowing sushi experience.

Sushi Arigato has another restaurant (with similar offerings) located in Chatswood.

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