Surreal Landscapes - Group Exhibition

Surreal Landscapes - Group Exhibition


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Sat 29 May 2021 - Sun 22 Aug 2021

Surreal Landscapes is currently exhibiting at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (MPRG), Civic Reserve, Dunns Rd, Mornington, and will run till 22 August 2021, so be sure not to miss it. Curated by Danny Lacy and Rosie Weiss, this is a group exhibition exploring how artists shift our perceptions, through strange, absurd and dreamlike interventions within the landscape.

You'll find newly commissioned work alongside select loans from Hayley Millar Baker, Nadine Christensen, Peta Clancy, Emily Ferretti, Tara Gilbee, Philip Hunter, Raafat Ishak, James Newitt, Emma Phillips, Christian Thompson AO.

The works explore not just personal or historical narratives, but embeds political and social commentary. For example, Indigenous photographer Peta Clancy's powerful photographic-based works take on a submerged indigenous massacre site in north west Victoria. Peta explains: "When I first conceived the project, Undercurrent, my aim was to visit every single massacre site marked on the Victorian Aboriginal Massacre map (compiled for the Koorie Heritage Trust's publication Koorie in 1991). Throughout the project's development, the scope has become more focused. I have been working exclusively on Dja Dja Wurrung country with support from the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. In my photographs, I am interested in finding ways to visually depict and explore sites where the actual location is unknown, or the exact site cannot be accessed. For instance, it being beneath water. I believe this is a metaphor for the hidden nature, and depth, of the violence that occurred throughout Australia. A scar is a sign of violence."

I Go Further Under, is a video work by James Newitt, influenced by the true story of Jane Cooper who, in 1971, at 17, arrived in Hobart from Melbourne and asked local fishermen to take her to the remote and uninhabited De Witt Island off the southern coast of Tasmania. Also known as the 'Big Witch', Cooper lived in almost total isolation for 12 months despite her act of withdrawal triggering controversy both politically and within the media. As well as pressure from the Tasmanian Government, which included raids by police. She became a media spectacle.

In that timeframe, she collected a whole lot of letters delivered to her by fishermen, from anonymous people around the world who obsessed over the idea of her romantic withdrawal from society. James said: "I was drawn to Jane's story initially because of the direction she moved in, away from North, because of her braveness in claiming her autonomy as a 17 year old woman in the early 70s, because of her refusal to justify or explain her withdrawal and because of the conundrum she subsequently faced. I was interested in trying to create a character who didn't want to be defined, who became more evasive as the film progresses."

Tara Gilbee was an artist in residence at the Mornington Peninsula Shire's Police Point Artist in Residency program in 2018 and 2019. Using solargraphic and pinhole techniques, her powerful and haunting images capture a unique and otherworldly perspective of Point Nepean. Tara explains: "The works look to create a unique registration that can reflect the ephemeral elements within the site, dismantling notions of the representative landscape and delving more into temporal ideas of contained time and surface tracing."

You'll find all these poignant and powerful works at MPRG. Also showing at MPRG now until 22 August, is Rosie Weiss – Collected Works , exploring our relationship with the natural world. In 2020, MPRG was successful with a Robert Salzer Foundation Acquisition Fund grant, administered by the PGAV, to acquire a suite of thirteen works on paper by Weiss. The Friends of MPRG supported the acquisition with matched funding, enabling MPRG to acquire key works that provide an overview of the artists' practice from 1979 through to 2018.

There's a lot more happening at MPRG , so be sure to stay in touch .

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