Superhero Trail

Superhero Trail


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Mon 02 Oct 2023 - Fri 06 Oct 2023

Be a Superhero for one day!

Everyone loves being a superhero. They are box office hold, and everyone has dreamt of the day they might get bitten by a radioactive spider and becoming a hero themselves. This free trail allows kids to make their dreams a reality. It's a fun time for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, and what's more is, the parents can come along and the adults will also love being a part of the superhero world! Your kids will love walking along the Superhero Trail and the school holidays will be a lot easier when they are happy!

It's an inflatable world in Fremantle. The kids can find their way through the inflatable worlds and they will be able to find some secret code words. With these code words, they will be able to win prizes thanks to the City of Fremantle. There are lots of prizes to be won, kids will love all of them!
The trail will not be easy- there are obstacle courses that they can find their way around. It's a fun time and they are going to enjoy burning some energy and of course, being a big superhero!

After the course, the kids can head to the Courthouse, with their parents, and have a free meal. During the school holidays, kids eat free every day when an adult meal is purchased. This makes the day a lot cheaper for the parents, and the kids will love eating good food and feeling like an adult too. They will have something to tell their friends, make new friends and explore their world a little more, before having a good meal and go to bed early! It's a great day for everyone!

This is a completely free event for all children, aged between 2 and 12. Adults have to buy their meals, but they can watch the trail for free. Adults can't- or shouldn't, at least, be a part of the trail. It's built and aimed for children and adults just won't get the same out of it.

Make sure to book your free tickets for your children. This is going to be very popular and the Courthouse is also going to be popular. While you should book in for a meal at the restaurant, they also accept walk-ins. This does mean that you won't necessarily be able to get a table if it is a very busy day.

The Superhero trail is open for kids to get involved with between Monday, October 2nd and Friday, October 6th. The trail is open daily between 11:30am and 4pm. The Courthouse restaurant is open later, but the meals may not be free after that. Make sure your kids enter the competition after the event and win a good prize!

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