Super Dingo Vs The Hippies - Web Series Review

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Posted 2012-09-18 by Douglas Sutherland-Brucefollow
Western Australian hit web series Super Dingo has today released its long-awaited, highly anticipated Episode 2 Super Dingo Vs. The Hippies, following the million-hit viral success of Episode 1 Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates, which was released on YouTube in March this year.

Super Dingo struck gold when its Pozible-funded first episode, Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates, achieved over one million YouTube hits in less than a week. Created by award-winning Western Australian filmmaker Ethan Marrell and comedian Werzel Montague and produced by Natalie Lewis, the filmmaking team were thrilled with the reaction to their
first episode.

"Chips Rafferty once said, if something's worth doing, it's worth doing Australian. Luckily for us, a whole bunch of highly confused but smitten viewers across the globe seem to agree," said Montague.

The success of Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates has resulted in the team being awarded $20,000 development funding via ScreenWest's XMedia Lab as well as an additional $40,000 production funding from ScreenWest to produce further episodes, which will be released later this year.

Super Dingo is an aggressively satirical, sci-fi comedy series, which follows the arduous adventures of an elite team of Secret Bush Agents with super human skills and an unflinching pledge to protect their beloved outback from pirates, hippies and various other threats.

It has been described as an 'unapologetically stereotyped' and 'absurdly mythologised' version of Australia seen through the eyes of this gang of largely dysfunctional mock-heroes.

The show stars a Western Australian cast of performers including Troy Coward as 'Super Dingo', Lauren Lovelace as sexy schoolgirl 'Kelly', Ash Penfold as 'Chinaman Bill,' George Gayler as 'Johnny Two Trees' and creators Werzel Montague as 'Bushman', and Ethan Marrell as 'The Chief'.

The Super Dingo team plan to shoot and release another five episodes over the next year and are looking to consolidate a large fan base around the world.

The intriguingly unhinged stories of the Secret Bush Agents are designed to one day cross into television, video games and perhaps feature film. "Our goal is to create a world as iconic and recognisable as a live-action Aussie South Park." said

Super Dingo Vs. The Hippies, follows the agents as they battle to guard the construction of a nuclear power plant against the machinations of a cult of villainous hippies, led by the borderline-demonic 'Moonjuice'.

'Hippies' was released on YouTube on 17 September at

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