Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant


Posted 2012-05-10 by Joseph Lewisfollow
Located in Fotitude Valley's Chinatown, Wickham Street, Super Bowl Chinese is an unassuming little place. Pretty drab from the outside, apart from the bright neons lighting up the evening street, and pretty drab on the inside.

We were greeted on the door by Jimmy Noodle, the restaurant owner, and it felt more like we'd stepped in to his living room than his Chinese restaurant. It was all smiles and friendly faces, the atmosphere relaxed. There is no music and the walls are hung with posters of Chinese food and writing. There is a family-run feel to the place, with trophies and medals displayed above the cash register like a living room mantle-piece.

The venue has an alcohol licence and they also allow BYO for a $3.50 corkage charge per head. The menu is slicker than some of the cheaper restaurants in the Valley, with a black leather cover that is trying to indicate a finer food affair. However upon opening it, you are presented with a rather brash array of pictures and the thought that someone has gone a little bit mad with the desktop publishing.

The selection is varied enough to cater to everyone's taste. We were dining as part of a group of 14 people and it was decided that we would all partake in the Option B banquet ($35 per person - minimum of 4 people to order). There were two banquet options on the menu, with Option B slightly more expensive than A.

I have eaten at a few other establishments in Fortitude Valley on the lower end of the price scale and it is easy to spot when they use packet sauces in luminous pink shades and bought-in frozen items like spring rolls and won-tons. But there was none of that nonsense at Super Bowl.

Starters: we all had a portion of san choy bow - lettuce leaf with pork mince and chicken and prawn soup - thick and tasty, not overly salty.

Mains: mixed seafood, pork ribs with pineapple, roast chicken with crispy skin and seaweed, seasonal vegetables and fried rice.

Orange segments were brought out to finish.

Total: $77.00 for two people.

The food was fresh, not overly salty, the sauces were not thick and gloopy, but tasty and rich. I have never been to China, but the dishes seemed authentic and properly prepared.

This might not be the best restaurant in the Valley, but we found great value, friendly and attentive staff, decent portion sizes and delicious fresh food.

Definitely one to add to the favourites list.

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