Sunset Point, Goreme

Sunset Point, Goreme


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Cappadocia is an outstanding location for geologists, nature lovers, hikers and those wishing to immerse themselves into something a little strange and different. Your stay in the region will most likely include accommodation in the small township of Göreme, which is dominated by a big rock that hides the sunrise. The viewpoint at the top has been aptly named "Sunset Point", and is well worth the ten-minute scramble from the town centre to admire the views.

As the name suggests, this is an excellent vantage point to watch the sun live out its dying embers of the day. There is a small boardwalk which will point you in the right direction of the sunset, but this can often be overcrowded with tourists. For a more peaceful and intimate setting, it's a fantastic idea to walk a little along the top of the rock and away from the small cafe. As Cappadocia is a very touristic region, it is allowed to enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sunset and local bottle shops sell excellent local wines (as Cappadocia is a renowned wine region) and will often provide some plastic cups to enjoy this from. Do ensure to look behind you, because while the sky looks dramatic over the town, the light and shadows cast in all sorts of surreal ways on the rocky landscape on the other side of the rock.

The other time it is worth scrambling to the top of the rock is for sunrise, and a little bit afterwards. Cappadocia has become one of those places that pops up daily on Instagram and it's all because of the hot air balloons that are launched every morning, weather permitting. This usually happens just after the sunrise, and while you will see it very clearly from the town, the view from the top of Sunset point is even better. Waking up at 4.30am is not often fun, but occasionally it's worth it!

It is possible to drive to the top, but the walk is not too difficult, especially as it's so short. Grab your camera and be sure to include this viewpoint for maximum jealousy inducing effect when you show your photos to your friends back home.

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