Sunday Roast at Mr Miyagi - Review

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Posted 2023-09-12 by Jenfollow
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Mr Miyagi has kept its birthday (turns 10 this year) under wraps, but is loud and proud about their Sunday Lamb Roast - a new addition to the menu that launched on Father's Day - 3 Sep 2023. Continuing in its tradition of playful spins on the flavours of Japan, this Sunday Roast is not as you know it.

Located at 99 Chapel Street Windsor, if you're planning on stopping in for a Sunday Roast with a group of friends or family, reservations are encouraged. If a roast is not your beef, there's plenty on the menu at Mr M to keep you happy.

99 Chapel St, Windsor 03. 9529 5999

Right or wrong we had a few items that were hard to resist on the menu before the roast. First up was everyone's favourite, the Salmon Nori Taco with Huon Valley salmon belly, sushi rice, spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo and chilli oil. Living within a five minute walking distance from Mr Miyagi , I'm not unfamiliar with their food. I've dined there many a time, and this Taco was always a favourite of mine with its crisp and crunchy Nori shell, and creamy seafood filling that has flavours bursting on your palate.

Windows facing Chapel St

Next up was the The Combo of Mixed Sashimi and Nigiri served in an Ice Globe. Visually very impressive, we were in awe it was a Globe made of actual ice, a little blue LED light lending it some magic. Everything was very fresh with a mixture of Kingfish, Salmon, Tuna etc. with dipping sauce (soy sauce) in a little glass bottle on the ready at the table to make the raw fish more palatable. Personally, I don't mind the stronger flavours or natural aroma of raw fish and found this round a little more sanitary. But that's just me as I'm sure the general consensus of restaurant goers appreciate fish not being fishy.

Salmon Nori Taco

By the time the Porky Parcels of Mr M's handmade pork dumplings with chives, black bean chilli, young coriander, sesame, soy and black vinegar sauce came out, we were in fear of not being able to fit in the Sunday Lamb Roast. These pork dumplings were perfection. Crispy around the edges of its pastry and soft and plump on the inside. To be honest, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything at Mr Miyagi's that wasn't beautifully presented or tasty.

Finally, the pièce de résistance - the roast, which was a 24-hour slow-roasted lamb shoulder, fall off the bone tender, not that there was any bone. It was all just perfectly cooked, tender juicy meat served up for two, for a surprisingly great price of $59, which is an average Sunday Roast price for two, along Chapel Street. It was served with accompaniments of ssamjang sauce and a sesame spring onion salad with crispy Cos.

Mixed Sashimi & Nigiri served in an Ice Globe

This is not your usual carb-loaded roast, but one that leaves you more than pleasantly satisfied, without feeling the bulk around the gut. So if you're after a healthier option of roast, this is the perfect vehicle. We were advised to eat it almost San Choy Bow style eg. lettuce wraps. My plus one advised me to speak now or forever hold my peace as he did it his way, tearing the tender meat apart easily, mixing it with all of the sauce and salad which was obviously the perfect portion for the meat; then making a wrap by filling the fresh lettuce with the pulled-apart roast. It worked perfectly. We needn't have had any fear of not being able to finish it, as the meat was so tender, it went down very well. Why not try it for yourself, something new on Mr M's menu to tantalise your taste buds.

Porky Parcels

I had a little look around the back of the restaurant at Yukie's Snack Bar (last image), removed but still part of the hustle and bustle of Mr Miyagi. Find out more here . The back wall glass window faces Artists Lane where street art abounds on every piece of wall in the laneway. A later addition, Yukie's Snack Bar opened in 2015, and it's a stark softer contrast to the original build of dark timbers and hard lines. Upon admiring the sleek cutlery, another interesting snippet we found out from the waitress was that the cutlery at Mr M was designed by co-owner Kristian Klein (business partner Andy Restein) - and we were suitably impressed.

Sunday Lamb Roast

On the bustling street of Chapel Street where the nightlife thrives on the weekends, Mr M is easily one of the consistently good restaurants to dine at. Look forward to their feed me menu every Friday to Sunday between 12-4pm. These sittings are for 2 hours and bookings are recommended to enjoy a menu of the most beloved dishes plus free flowing locally sourced wines, Sapporo beer and speciality cocktails. You could also book yourself in for Takosu Tuesdays where you can enjoy mini versions of the Peking Duck, Spider Crab and Salmon Nori Tacos in the form of a Takosu Tuesday Trio for $19.50. Stay in touch with Mr M on social media for updates and further events.

Yukie's Snack Bar back windows facing Artists Lane

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