Sunday Music at Prince Edward Hotel, Wallaroo

Sunday Music at Prince Edward Hotel, Wallaroo


Posted 2024-01-27 by Steven Gfollow
When? Every Sunday afternoon; 3pm onwards
Where? Prince Edward Hotel,
32 Hughes St, Wallaroo, South Australia, Australia, 5556
ph: (08) 8823 2579
Cost? Free entry; bar available
The Prince Edward Hotel, Wallaroo

I have talked about the Prince Edward Hotel before , as one of my favourite places to eat in Wallaroo. However, they also supply something that I thought was dying in pubs in Australia – regular live music gigs.

Every Sunday from about 3 o’clock in the afternoon or so, a band or performer appears in the beer garden – or inside if the weather is inclement – for three to four hours of live music performance. The artists vary from solo artists with a battered acoustic guitar all the way through to full bands with all the members. The management of the hotel vets all performers before accepting them, so they are not just people who have wandered in off the street, but acts that are genuine and can entertain.

Most of the bands tend to play cover songs, but some mix originals into the setlists, and those that have done so that I have heard, do so seamlessly. All the acts I have seen have been very entertaining, with superb musicianship and a way of playing to the audiences that got everyone involved. The crowds, though not huge, got into all of them, joining in with the songs they knew, cheering at the end of each song, and even dancing when space allowed.
Jamie Newton

Because it is on a Sunday afternoon, that does mean that it is simple to go to the hotel and grab some lunch from their extensive menu before taking a drink and making your way out to the beer garden to enjoy the music on offer. The acts perform until six or seven o’clock, so it is not a late night before work on Monday. This makes for a very relaxing and fun afternoon.

The details of bands and who is coming are often posted on their Facebook page , and that is probably the best way to keep up with what is going on. However, if, like me, you are not on social media, then you can be sure that whoever is playing will be worth watching.
Cry Wolf

As I said, it is so good to see live music being performed in pubs. So many hotels are forced to curtail their music because people move in close to them, knowing there is a pub that plays music, and then demand the music stop. Why move in when you know that goes on? You just take away from the ambience of the place. So, kudos to the Prince Edward Hotel; and thank you for the music.

And if you want an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon of live music, friendly locals and even good food, you would be hard-pressed to find something better than the Prince Edward Hotel, Wallaroo.

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