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Upon hearing ' mission is 'to flatten the abs and sculpt the body of all who pass through their doors' it didn't take much convincing from my friend to head along to an orientation class. Said friend does classes there two to three times a week and her eyes still light up about it, even more than a year on.

Now let me just break down some urban myths for you. New wave pilates is no longer conducted in dimly lit rooms, complete with dippy dolphin music and the sound of ocean waves lapping against a shore, as new-agers bliss out on flimsy mats pressed against rock hard floors, contorting their body into unimaginable positions. It has in fact come a long way, so please promise me you won't knock it till you've tried it.

Pilates is a great way to improve your flexibility and strengthen and tone your core muscles. You get a good work out with less exertion than some other forms of exercise. It can even be quite relaxing… that is, once you've dusted those cobwebs off the muscles you haven't used since the summer of 69!

The Hawthorne studio is located at 246 Hawthorne Road, in a beautiful, refurbished Queenslander, with an elegant black and white interior and state-of-the-art exercise equipment known as reformers. Reformers are individual machines that consist of a rolling bed that is spring loaded, foot rest, head rest, resistance bands and a number of other cool gadgets and ancillary equipment to aid your workout. There are also two large chandeliers in the workout room, which you can look at when your pelvic floor muscles are aching like hell and you need a pretty distraction. The walls of the workout room are fitted with screens and during the orientation we watched instructional videos as we did our exercises to check correct posture and techniques.

Classes at are led by professional instructors who are there to help motivate you, correct your posture, and teach you how to use the equipment properly and perform the exercises effectively so you can get the most out of your sessions.

At the end of the workout, all you need to do is give your machine a quick wipe over and you're done. Classes generally go for about 45 minutes, so you can be in and out quickly… there's really no excuse that you're time poor, now is there? If you live on Brisbane's north side you don't even have to travel across the city, because there's also another in Hamilton.

There are different classes to try, such as classes for the pregnant woman, and you can easily book online. Actually you're encouraged to do it that way, as it's cheaper than calling to make a booking over the telephone. There is even an iPhone app and android phone app for the tech savvy among us, who prefer convenience at their fingertips.

Buying the classes at casual rates works out at $25 per session, or you can buy bulk packages for classes at slightly reduced rates.

As part of the orientation evening, I also received a wonderful little welcome pack containing loads of information and a highly nutritious (and surprisingly tasty) protein snack bar. There are also a number of other great perks like the 'refer a friend' program, but I'll let you discover them for yourself. Pilates – get into it!

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