Strange Foods You Never Thought to Eat

Strange Foods You Never Thought to Eat


Posted 2013-04-03 by Serenafollow
Throughout my experiences I have encountered a number of strange food combinations that I never would've thought worked, and now I shall share some of them with you.

Let's start with something familiar;
No.1 - Chips and Ice-cream - I'm sure almost everyone's tried dipping their Maccas chips into a sundae and thinking "wow, how weird is this, yet it tastes fine" so this strange food I'm sure almost everyone has thought to eat, but how about No.2?

No.2 - Chips and soya sauce - Soya sauce? Why not ketchup or something? Not a clue but it's good if you're at the food court and you've got maccas, your friend has sushi - bam, new food!

So now to No.3, move aside ham and cheese, there's a new pair in town - Ham and ... banana?
Yes, ham and banana have fallen in love to make the ham and banana sandwich. Sounds weird, but tastes surprisingly good.

On a side note, No.3 and 1/2, put a banana on a stick, bang it in the freezer and suddenly you have banana pops. The healthy and delicious alternative to ice-cream.

No.4 on the subject of ham, have you ever tried peanut butter and bacon? Bacon, that delicious food that can make your mouth water, has now met its new sidekick, peanut butter. Once again, this is easiest done in a sandwich.

Spread a normal peanut butter sandwich and place some bacon strips on top (a note to how this was discovered - the original intention was to make a normal bacon sandwich using just butter, but there was none to be found, so a substitute was placed instead, butter, peanut butter, what's the big difference?)

Side note No.4 and 1/2, another healthy little side note (well, not really so healthy) peanut butter celery boats are definitely yummers! All you need is a stick of celery, fill it with peanut butter and you're off.

Celery actually has so few calories in it that it takes more calories to eat it than you get, so do NOT feed it to a starving person.

No.5 and one of the wackiest ones yet is instant noodles and coke. Yes, Coke. Why Coke? No idea, but this is what we've come up with. All you need to do is cook your instant noodles normally (in water), and then once they're done, drain the water and replace the soup with Coke! Although some strange combinations like chips and ice-cream are for almost everyone, I think this delicacy is more for those with an iron stomach.

Last but not least, No.6 - cucumber and chocolate. Now if you thought this would've been disgusting? You're correct! Do not try it because it will not taste nice. Save yourself where others before you have sacrificed their taste buds for your common knowledge.

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