Storrie Lake State Park

Storrie Lake State Park


Posted 2022-10-25 by Kathleen Messmerfollow

On my way to a workshop in Watrous, New Mexico, I stopped for breakfast at one of Las Vegas, New Mexico's local dining icons, Charlie's Spic and Span Bakery and Cafe . When I finished, I continued driving north and quickly came upon . I liked what I saw in those brief few seconds in passing and decided I'd stop on my way back.

It was a bit late in the afternoon when I finally arrived, but the sun was setting and looked quite beautiful. A few wispy clouds in the sky were backlit with beautiful pinks and oranges. People say there's nothing like a southwest sky, and I believe it. I've never seen colors like that. Typical of most of New Mexico, however, there were few trees to sit under, but it didn't matter since the sun was almost at the horizon.

I wandered a bit around the lake, looking for photographic opportunities. There were plenty. I brought out my regular camera as well as my infrared camera and went to town, photographing the entirety of the lake, including the wildflowers and the few trees that were there, as well as the Sangre de Cristo mountains and, of course, the sunset.

Campgrounds require reservations at only $10 per night (plus a $5 entrance fee) and there is a boat ramp for boating, fishing, volleyball, wildlife viewing, and swimming. The families that were camping there were all having a great time. There are also playgrounds for the kids and restrooms with water, showers, and vault toilets. Ramadas were plentiful for sheltering the food, and all were being utilised. One of the best parts of all my discoveries at Storrie Lake is that it's dog friendly. All in all, it was a really productive stop.

I had no idea there was a lake in Las Vegas, even though I'd been there many times. I'm glad I stopped and got to enjoy the lake and witness an incredible sunset. Go. You know you want to.

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