Stonemill Rice Roll

Stonemill Rice Roll


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Opened recently, on Morphett Street specialises in offering Chinese dishes that lean towards dim sum-style dishes, with a focus on those featuring Chinese Rice Rolls. Service was quite fast, with our dishes not taking long to arrive after we have placed our order.

The Chinese Rice Rolls offered here is of a style in the Guangzhou region in China, featuring fillings more substantial than those offered at other dim sum restaurants. The prawns in the Prawn & Chicken Rice Rolls were cooked just right and were complemented nicely by the chicken mince. All the Rice Roll dishes offered here feature bean sprouts for some crunch, along with eggs, enoki mushrooms and dried radish. Completing the dish was soy sauce to subtly enhance their flavour.

We were delighted that the wontons in the Wonton Noodles soup dish had a juicy filling. The noodles used in the dish still retained a bit of bite and the broth included an ample amount of dried shrimp and fried garlic to give it a distinctive flavour.

The portion size of their Seafood Porridge was very generous and can be shared if you desire. The fish fillet, scallop and prawns in our porridge were cooked just right and had a delectable salty taste that was not too strong. Take some care with eating it as it is served steaming hot.

A version of their Chinese Rice Rolls suitable for vegetarians, the various mushrooms in the Fresh Mushrooms Rice Roll gave it a firmer texture compared to the Prawn & Chicken Rice Roll. The slices of oyster mushroom were left relatively large to provide a change of texture from the black fungus and enoki mushrooms.

Their Braised Pork Mince Tossed Rice Noodles had a generous amount of pork mince to provide a meaty texture and the rice noodles were not too soft. Also tossed with the noodles were bean sprouts for some crunch. XO sauce was provided with the dish and we mixed it throughout the dish to infuse the noodles with its flavour. Additional condiments are provided at each table if you desire to add more flavour.

Among the side dishes that can be ordered, both their Deep-Fried Dough Bread and Deep-Fried Dough Stick had a nice golden-brown colour and were cut up into small pieces for easy eating. Our preferred one of the two was the Deep-Fried Dough Stick due to it having a softer texture compared to the Dough Bread. Both were good at absorbing sauces to make them more flavoursome.

The beancurd for their Beancurd Jelly was made in-house and had a notably softer texture compared to those available commercially. The syrup used in the dish was not too sweet and ginger in the syrup imparted the dish with a hint of its distinctive flavour. Crushed peanuts were scattered over the beancurd to provide a bit of crunch.

As its name suggests, the Brown Sugar Ice Jelly featured a clear jelly. It had a firm texture while still melting in your mouth when consumed. The syrup in the dish tasted similar to the one in the Beancurd Jelly. A sprinkling of sesame seeds completed the dish.

The decor of the restaurant gave it a comfortable feel. Some of the seatings were styled to resemble wagons with wheels as armrests. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy Chinese food away from the busyness of Chinatown, consider giving a visit.

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