Stocky Air Paragliding

Stocky Air Paragliding


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offers tandem flights for kids and adults in the Austrian Alps. It is also a paragliding school and takes students through basic and advanced paragliding techniques, as well as, through acquiring a paragliding license and permit. A paragliding permit allows a solo paraglider to operate their own equipment pretty much worldwide.

Tandem flights range from short ones of a few minutes to longer ones of close to an hour. They are also available for both lower and higher altitude. Stocky Air holds training and tandem paragliding in Ziillertal (elevation is around 2,000 metres) and Wildschönau in Tyrol (600 to 2,000 metres).

Paragliding is not for the faint hearted; it involves jumping off a cliff or mountain and to float in the air for the duration of the flight. It is obviously not an activity for someone who is afraid of heights or suffers from vertigo. The best part of it is the ability to fly and glide like a bird, even if only for a few minutes, to take in and relish the sights and the view from several hundreds or a few thousand metres above. To do this in an alpine region is pretty special.

My personal experience of having tandem paraglided twice with Stocky himself, both in Zillertal and Wildschönau, gives me all the reason to do it any time the opportunity arises. It is an exciting and enjoyable feeling. The sights alone are enough reason to try it. One must be careful though, in choosing the party to tandem paraglide or train with. Ensure that they would look out for you and to be astute enough to know when conditions are safe and suitable for flying. Choose someone who only practices it safely and not someone who would fly at all costs to earn a fee. It is, after all, your life and limb that is on the line. Stocky Air has been in the business for three decades, when paragliding was still only a young and growing sport activity. They are well-experienced, are well-versed with local weather and wind conditions, being local to the areas themselves. They are also always professional and practice safe paragliding processes.

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