Steiglitz and Jacobs Well

Steiglitz and Jacobs Well


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The Bethlehem Lutheran Church near Steiglitz, Qld, credit: Wikipedia article on Steiglitz

The Beenleigh coastal area, especially the villages of Steiglitz and Jacobs Well, are a day-tripping idea by car only, close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Due to their location in the Beenleigh area, the famous Beenleigh artisan rum distillery as well as the Yatala pies add to this day trip idea. I've been able to visit nearby Russell Island and couldn't miss Beenleigh itself, but Steiglitz easily eluded me, especially as it is situated relatively remotely near the canefields that (at least at some stage) produced the sugar in the early versions of Beenleigh Rum . The photo of a church near Steiglitz at the top is sourced from Wikipedia because it has German settler history - hence the Lutheran church. Yet the watery sugar cane backdrop in that photo combines with the isolable place of worship encapsulating this village and surrounds to perfection.

Interestingly enough, near the Brisbane Ranges Park in the Australian state Victoria is a Steiglitz - with details linked here . Both are named after similar-sounding placenames in Germany. Names such as Stegelitz, Stieglitz and Steglitz are names that could yield such an adapted placename but interestingly Australia has two aforementioned places named Steiglitz while Germany, in fact, doesn't - have that precise placename in obvious searches online. However, Jacobs Well is the main yet hidden attraction of the area.

Jacobs Well is about twenty-minutes' drive away from Beenleigh and just under ten-minutes' drive from Steiglitz. Jacobs Well and Steiglitz are nestled just behind the two surf-break-exposed Stradbroke Islands shielding them from the ocean - almost surrounding both villages in unpopulated islands. Hence, although so close to a state capital, such locations are nevertheless fairly observed to be a hint remote. Yet, due to aforementioned desirable fishing village reputations, there are (despite my 'relatively remote' observation) accommodation options applicable to both villages, yet based at the more populous Jacobs Well - at its best kept secret tourist park along with its bayside tavern . Whilst clearly a boating and fishing destination, for car enthusiasts, a car-racing centre in the area worth mentioning is called the Norwell Motorplex .

The day trip idea is a car-only trip because public transport isn't frequent enough in the area to Steiglitz and Jacobs Well. For those wanting alternative ways of travelling to these locations, for related public transportation - even from nearby Beenleigh Train Station, it is virtually impossible to reliably travel by public transport to Jacobs Well or Steiglitz due to low demand for services. This day trip idea, for its rum distillery tours, a famous pie shop , German sugar cane farming history, nationally renowned boating and fishing spots, motor racing, like most of the Logan area, to try a day trip to Jacobs Well and Steiglitz is recommendable for its proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as for encompassing a wide range of interests in such a short day trip.

For Brisbane and Gold Coast day trip enthusiasts, a day trip fact file is as follows:

Fact File

Tour: day trip or half-day trip by car only.

Safety: domesticated as well as wild animals could be on roads further off the beaten track in the sugar-cane countryside; it is also recommended to check flood warnings prior to travelling, for the nearby Logan River Catchment ; traffic on the Pacific Motorway is unpredictably busy, and at times the motorway can be jammed yet within minutes can be flowing again as per normal.

Where: Brisbane or Gold Coast, midway between the two is Beenleigh, where Jacobs Well and Steiglitz are nearby coastal villages; the Pacific Motorway must be utilised if travelling from Brisbane or the Gold Coast - due to the remoteness of the Logan and Coomera rivers; the only slight alternative road (aside from exiting the motorway at Beenleigh) connects from Jacobs Well to the Gold Coast's satellite town of Pimpama .

When: Summer is wetter, so flooding is known to occur, especially from December to March, but essentially the daytrip is viable all year round.

Cost: Beenleigh Rum Distillery tour is $25 AUD per adult WITH tasting, while Yatala pies can cost less than $10 each.

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